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To pocket or not to pocket…

By September 23, 2014Blog, Products

We took an informal, very unscientific poll on our Facebook page about where to put the pocket on our 8-Piece Skirt: front or back. Currently, we put it on the FRONT of the skirt, but we’ve had enough people ask about it putting on the back that we thought maybe we should check to see what the general preference really was…
Anyway, here are the results… (drumroll, please)
…and of course there are always the contrarians & free-thinkers… 2 voted for pockets on BOTH front & back, 3 said no pocket, 1 said on the side, and 1 said put a hidden pocket in the waistband. And full disclosure, the photo of the skirt DOES show the pocket in the front—no way of knowing if that swayed people’s opinion.

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