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Women Who Inspire Us

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As a woman-owned business, we take International Women’s Day to heart.  This year’s theme for Women’s Day is Choose to Challenge –  I think we all have had plenty of challenge lately… so give yourself credit for continuing to show up. It’s a lot!
This year, we’d like to take a moment to honor some ladies who came before (and one still with us, thank goodness!).  Those who inspire us with their words, their work and their stories.

Katherine Delehaunty

Katherine Delehaunty AKA Mom

“Don’t hide your light under a bushel basket”
– Katherine Delehaunty

My mom has always inspired me but how she shows up for her family and those she loves without losing her own identity.

Elsa Schiparelli

“I myself used to do absurd things.  Yes, I mean that.  I had to have a laugh, and some of the things were absurd.  But they could always be worn by an elegant woman; they did not negate her elegance.” – Elsa Schiparelli (referring to some of her designs)

Schiparelli’s styles are timeless, inspired by serendipity and “the impulse of the moment”

Frida Kahlo

Frida Kahlo

“The only thing I know is that I paint because I need to, and I paint whatever passes through my head without any other consideration.”
– Frida Kahlo

Kahlo’s work and lifestyle has been an inpiration since she continued to work despite living with chronic pain. Tapping into the life flow can result in amazing things.

Pema Chödrön

“You are the sky.  Everything else…it’s just the weather” – Pema Chödrön

She reminds us to remain centered, and keep perspective, even when the weather’s bad. Attachment; it’s overrated.

Harriet Tubman

Harriet Tubman

“I was the conductor of the Underground Railroad for eight years, and I can say what most conductors can’t say – I never ran my train off the track and I never lost a passenger.” – Harriet Tubman, Suffrage Convention, NY, 1896

Tubman is great inspiration to fight for what’s right, no matter the risk, and bring others along with you. Keep your eye fixed on the North Star.


Amelia Earhart

Amelia Earhart

“The most effective way to do it, is to do it” – Amelia Earhart

I mean she’s simply fearless – what an inspiration!  Plus this quote is simple, perfect and true.

Ruth Bader Ginsburg

Ruth Bader Ginsburg

“My mother told me to be a lady.  And for her that meant be your own person, be independent.” – Ruth Bader Ginsburg

RBG paved the way for women in so many ways.  She is an inspiration to be the first and a fighter.


Fun Facts About Betty!

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1st Grade Betty

Today we’re celebrating the one of a kind, Betty, with some fun facts you may not know. It’s her birthday, and a kinda significant one…

Did you know…

To no surpirse, Betty shares a birthday with brilliant designers Christian Dior AND Cristóbal Balenciaga.

Betty & Big Bro Tim

Way back in grade school, when she was just a lil’ Betty she dreamed of growing up and becoming a fashion designer – just a friendly reminder to follow your dreams folks 😊

This lil’ Betty has always loved music and played the clarinet in the school band.

Betty’s very first job was a paper route delivering the Worcester Sunday Telegram, with her best friend, Margaret.  Can kids still even get a paper route today?

I Love Central Park!

In high school, Betty was late to meet her prom date because she was finishing sewing her prom dress.  Yes, you read that correctly – she’s been designing for a while.

Betty’s favorite foreign food is a bit specific – “Chinese dumplings made by my childhood best friend’s mother”.  They must’ve been amazing if you’re still talking about them 😉

Betty in High School

When younger, Betty made a calendar with photos of her family dog, Ginny (pictured above), who she would dress up in all sorts of outfits.

Although Elisabethan is very much a Colorado company, Betty has lived all over.  Betty grew up in Massachusetts and over her life has spent time living in Maine, Vermont, New Hampshire, Rhode Island, Michigan, and even Wales and Florence, Italy.

note the hat

Betty has always been quite athletic and played in the first Ultimate Frisbee National Co-Ed Club Championships as a member of Team Ryno, a ragtag(?!) but committed crew of players from Telluride & Crested Butte, CO.

One of the major benefits of running Elisabethan is getting to travel to various art fairs all over the country – Betty has been to 48 states!  Can you guess which two she’s yet to visit…?

You may know that Betty loves viewing films at Paonia’s local Paradise Theater, but did you know her favorite movie is Breaking Away – and she hates scary movies.

Have you ever tuned into KVNF on a Monday morning?  If so, you’ve listened to Betty’s radio show The Go Betty show, which she’s been hosting for the last 17 years.

In 2020, Betty is pretty sure she put more miles on her bike than her van – talk about reducing your carbon footprint…

There’s lots we can say about Betty but the most important today is that it’s her birthday!  Please join us in wishing Betty a happy birthday on our Elisabethan facebook page!

Thanks Aunt Kath for all the great pictures 💜

Betty & Kitties circa 2001

2020: Year in Review

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As we look back on 2020 we are incredibly thankful for our wonderful customers and dedicated elisabethan team.  Thank You – we wouldn’t be here without you.

We started off the year making a number of AWESOME custom pieces

Custom pieces made with precision and care

Make your vision happen with Elisabethan Custom pieces










Our Pay What You Want special was a hit! – if you missed it, sign up here to receive special offers (be sure to sign up before Jan 21st 😉 )

Mark your calendars for January 21st for another amazing one day deal

At the beginning of the pandemic, we teamed up with the Shadescape Mask Project and made thousands of masks for local hospitals, schools and other communities.  Then, we started offering Adult Masks in Cotton or Texsilk – Shop Face Masks Here!

Elisabethan Adult Cotton Face Mask

Betty in Refinery making Texsilk Masks

Some of MANY Texsilk masks made with the Shadescape Mask Project 









We got creative, and designed and released our new Go Kiddo Ruffle Dress – Shop Go Kiddo Ruffle Dresses Now

Balanced Bud Go Kiddo Ruffle Dress

Growing Gardener Go Kiddo Ruffle Dress

Jump for Joy Go Kiddo Ruffle Dress









We added a number of unique, limited edition cashmere accessories – Some are still available – Shop Accessories Now

The Fashionista Skinny Pippi Long Scarf

Happy Lady Cashmere Sorta Slouch Hat

Denim & Wool Holiday Stockings

Thumbelina Go Kiddo Cashmere Hat


We reveled the first peek of Goodie Hoodies – there will be more to come!

Sage Forest Fairy Goodie Hoodie

The Headturner Goodie Hoodie

Phoenix Rising Goodie Hoodie









2021 Will bring even more new Elisabethan Products and Projects 😉 stay tuned

Announcing the New Go Kiddo Dress

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Elisabethan is excited to annouce our latest style, the Go Kiddo Dress!

Inspired by our Women’s Ruffle Dress, we made a version for your mini.  This dress has the same lovely ruffle at the bottom. The Go Kiddo Dress has TWO pockets for all of the nik naks.  Kiddos love the comfy, cozy fit.  Wear it with leggings or layers for a great all season dress.

These bright, cheery dresses make great gifts.  Show the little one in your life they’re one of a kind.

Plus tell you’re kiddo how they’re fighting climate change in this piece!  That’s right, Elisabethan’s upcycling antics keep loads of clothing and fabric out of landfills.  That means, when they wear their dress, they’re actively helping fight climate change- how cool!

Twirling, playing, filling pockets with flowers, hangin’ with your family, silly dances and many more fun activities are encouraged in this dress

DIY Pompom Pattern

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The good thing about staying home these days is there’s lots of free time for our favorite activity, crafting!  We are always looking for new ways to utilize scraps here at Elisabethan, and our DIY pompom is a perfect way to use those smaller scraps.  These pompoms are easy and fun for both kids and adults.  So go ahead and make pompoms galore and brighten up your day!

What will your pompoms look like?!  Please take a photo and share with us on facebook 🙂

What You’ll Need:

Cardboard/Paper (Cereal boxes work great!)

Make a pattern piece (Examples below) and cut out pattern.

Trace pattern onto fabric.

  • If using T-shirt material you will need 18-20 cutouts.
  • If using sweater or thicker material you will need 10-12 cutouts.

Cut out your cutouts – They do not need to be perfect.

Cut one 1″ wide by 12″ long strip per ornament – stretch it (pull ends) – save for later.

Fold cutout in half and cut two 1/4″ slits approximately 1/2″ apart at center.  Repeat this step for each cutout.

Fold piece in half to line the slits up with each other.  Feed the cutouts onto your strip one at a time.

Tightly center all of the cutout in the middle.

Tie the bundle together tightly over folds.  Tie once more to secure.

Viola! Pompom Ornament!

Tie a loop knot at the end of the strip.

Now it’s time to hang your new Pompom!  Where is your’s going?


We Are With You

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We understand the current events are a little unnerving and we’d like to reach out to the Elisabethan Community to let you know WE ARE WITH YOU.

Let’s take this time we have been given and fill it with productivity and goodwill rather than worry.  Below are some suggestions on productive ways to occupy your time while supporting small businesses and the community.

1. Praise

Help a small business you know and love and write them an online review.  Trust us – it helps!  Google, Facebook, TripAdvisor, Yelp – wherever you feel fit.

2. Sew

Do you love sewing just as much as us?!  Spend some quality time with your machine and sew some masks for our Health Care Workers. Here’s a link for a mask pattern that’s been recommenced to us.

3. Freshen Up

Touch up your wardrobe!  Everyone has that favorite button up missing a button or pair of pants with the oil stain – ugh!   Take this moment to give your clothes the TLC they deserve.  These little touch ups allow your clothes to look better and last longer.

4. Create

Find those scraps and make a fun DIY Pompom with our easy to follow instructions.  These pompoms are loved by cats and humans of all ages!

5. Organize

We all go a little wild sometimes in our crafts station.  Finally take the time to reorganize your crafting area and supplies.

6. Shop

If you’re really bored, treat yourself to a little online shopping.  Try to support the little guys during these times.  Amazon is overwhelmed with orders – find a little mom ‘n pop online store and begin your retail therapy.

7. Reach Out

Check in with your relatives and neighbors to see if there is anything you can help them with while respecting social distancing.  Sometimes a nice phone convo may be just what they needed.

8. Be Kind

Remember, everyone is experiencing this in their own way — please be kind.

Show us how you’re making the most of this time by sharing your photos with us on Instagram @elisabethanco and Facebook @elisabethanco

Since you’ve gotten this far we think you deserve a little reward.  Here’s 15% off any one item with promo code: wearewithyou valid through April 1st (Online only. Not valid on custom pieces)

NPR’s Fresh Air Episode about Waste & Recycling

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Terry Gross continues to show up with Fresh Air’s Episode: ‘Waste’ Exampines the Global and Local Afterlife of Recyclables

Environmental scientist Kate O’Neill discusses recycling and the global politics of waste. “Once you throw something away, you’ve got to think about where’s it going to go next,” she says.

O’Neill brings up great points such as

Do you know where your recycling or waste is going?

Are you aware of which plastics are easiest to recycle?  (Psstt — #1 and #2 recyclables are the easiest plastics to recycle if cleaned correctly)

China’s no longer imporing our recyclables — now what?!

We learn a bunch of new important information in this interview — for example the easiest plastics to recycle — who knew?!  This conversation drives us to be better consumers, recyclers, and humans.  The fact that 95% of Ghana’s e-waste is repurposed, repaired recycled etc. is motivating!  We will continue to strive to repurpose what we can and limit our waste.  Listen to this episode and inspired to pay a little closer attention.

Listen to Fresh Air’s Episode: Waste…

6 Ways to Make Your Halloween Green

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There’s no question, Halloween is one of the highlights of Fall.  Take a spooky fall evening, add sweets and top it with creative costumes and you’ve got a great holiday.  Unfortunately, you also have a day that produces a bunch of waste (food/candy wrappers, low-quality costumes, accessories, plastic bags, etc).  That’s why Elisabethan wants to offer a few tips on how to make your Halloween green!


Go Oldschool – Use a Pillowcase

There’s no need for your little goblins and ghosts to use plastic to collect candy – go oldschool and use a pillowcase.  There are also plenty of other options – tote bags, backpacks, reusable grocery bags, lunchboxes all work great too.  Take it to the next level and make your own.


Give Out Eco-Friendly Candies

Sweets and treats are a big part of Halloween – but with them often come excessive wrappers.  Chose to distribute candies from a company that gives back to planet Earth.  Here are a few that have less of an impact than your typical individually wrapped treats:  YumEarth (Sustainable Packaging), Go Organic Fruit Chews (Compostable Packaging), or Glee Gum (Partners to plant trees).


Save the Seeds!

Pumpkin Seeds are a delicious and a nutritional powerhouse!  Make them salty or sweet, you can’t go wrong when you cook your pumpkin seeds.  There are plenty of recipes.


Get Creative and Make Your Own Costumes!

We all know the best costumes are homemade.  Take some time, get creative and make a costume from clothing you either already have, borrowed from a friend or got at a resale clothing store.  By making your own costume, rather than buying a generic costume (you may never wear again), not only do you help the environment but you’re not limited to what’s in stock.  Don’t forget – homemade costumes always win the costume contests!


Bundle Up and Take a Walk

Trick-or-treating isn’t an errand, so don’t treat it like one!  Bundle up yourself and your crew and hit the pavement, enjoy the night while strolling around the neighborhood with your family.  Walking instead of driving to trick-or-trick is a BIG way you can make your Halloween greener.  And let’s be honest, the candy isn’t just for the kiddos – walking is a great way to get a little extra exercise for those extra calories.


Compost Your Jack-o-Lantern

Make the most of your jack-o-lantern by adding it to your compost.  Pumpkins compost quickly and will create fertile soil for next year.  Remember it’s important to remove the seeds and smash the pumpkin into multiple pieces – this part is fun!

**Make sure you DO NOT compost pumpkins with toxic or plastic decorations (Paint, glitter etc.)**

If you don’t have a compost bin, simply dig a hole in your garden bed or yard, place the pumpkin in hole, and cover with dirt.  If you do not have a yard, most communities have dropoff locations after the holiday.

Thanks for taking the time to make your Halloween more sustainable.  Have a fun and safe Halloween!  Boo!

Hilary’s ‘Bethan Story

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Happy New Year Everyone! We wanted to start off this year by sharing a great ‘Bethan Story shared by the lovely Hilary. Enjoy!

I bought my first Elisabethan wardrobe staple 11 years ago!!! It was 2005. I had just moved to Paonia, the surprise town with everything. After a long winter Friday, some fellow co-workers at High Country News gathered each other up and headed in the bitter cold to the dark end of Grand Avenue for a sale event at a local clothing shop. I had no idea what to expect.

It was unlike anything I’d ever seen! Wide-eyed, I walked around the old building lined with endless colorful stacks of fabric, gazing with glee until I found a rack of jean skirts. That might sound kinda humdrum, but these were the coolest, most fun, creative, and fashionable jean skirts I had ever seen. They were A-line and hit just below the knee. They had been skillfully patched together from different pairs of jeans and adorned with the most whimsical fabric flowers and geometric shapes and buttons.

I sifted through the rack and found my FAVORITE SKIRT OF ALL TIME. A one-of-a-kind creation, it was just my size. That skirt has since lived in Seattle, Santa Barbara, and Portland, where I could always count on it to garner compliments from fellow artful clothing aficionados. Now it’s back home in Paonia, in good shape after all these years.

With that skirt I was hooked, and I developed a habit of saving to buy Elisabethan duds as often as I could. It’s been a fun ride to watch Beth’s creations evolve, and to amass my own small collection of her head-turning, über comfortable, and long-lasting skirts, shirts, scarves, and fingerless gloves. Keep ‘em coming, Beth!

Judy’s ‘Bethan Story

By Blog
We were so inspired by Judy‘s story we thought we’d share a little more, so here it is:
“I had a mastectomy in 2011 and since I did not have reconstruction, I used the Pip scarves as a means of transforming my chest into a more attractive appearance, shall we say.  People loved them.  I found your scarves to be a real pick me up after my surgery when I was getting used to have a flat side.”
Judy looking fabulous sporting a Pip Scarf
The New York Times recently ran a feature article, Going Flat’ After Breast Cancer, discussing women who decided against reconstructive surgery after a mastectomy.  Many women are opting out of reconstructive surgery due to the risk of complications and instead are embracing their flat chests.  Some women use tattoos, necklaces and/or scarves to decorate their chest.  
Judy decided to go with the latter, “…I used your [Elisabethan] scarves which I wore with everything. People loved them, the colors the vibrancy and they worked very well. I didn’t feel self conscious and they didn’t feel uncomfortable staring at someones chest. Today, who cares actually because we see so many people missing part of themselves. However I still wear my scarves and I also have a collection of baseball type caps in all kinds of wild designs from Florida and Hawaiian fabrics to plain which I pair up with my scarves.”
Judy and son Jim, a former green beret, who was diagnosed with ALS when he was 32. Jim is now 51, this is one strong family!
Judy and son Jim, a former green beret, who was diagnosed with ALS when he was 32.  Jim is now 51, this is one strong family!
We here at Elisabethan admire Judy‘s spirit and beauty and are happy to be a part of the story.  Elisabethan supports bold women, and Judy is a fine example of one.  YOU GO JUDY!
If you or someone you know connects with Judy‘s story, here are a few resources to connect with a similar community: