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Puppies to the Rescue!

That’s right, this happened…

Long story short, a momma dog and her EIGHT pups needed rescue and so we rescued.

So lately, our days have the added bonus of playing with these adorable raggamuffins.

It’s been quite the party!

But not everyone can hang…


We figured they were too cute not to show you!  Enjoy 🙂

Update:  All of the puppies have been adopted to good homes!!  Thanks for your support.

Meet Petunia and Otis.  They recently moved to the beautiful town (and once home of Elisabethan) Crested Butte, Colorado.  Petunia went to a friend of Elisabethan and Otis went to this friend’s mother.  Petunia and Otis are looking forward to hitting the slopes this winter.  It’s safe to say there are many puppy playdates and snuggles in these twos’ future.


This is Jesse and Tao.  They’re currently rooming together in Paonia but Jesse has big dreams to move out west.  Soon, Jesse will head to his new loving family in California while Tao holds down the fort in Paonia.  They plan to keep in touch.


We’ll let you know if we get any further updates.

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