Wiggle Worm Cashmere Baby Hat


This Wiggle Worm Cashmere Baby Hat is hand crafted from upcycled cashmere sweaters.

We pick the softest sweaters for these baby hats, and sew them with seams to the outside, so they are soft and comfy for little heads… new parents have told us they are the one hat their little one will keep on his/her head.

At Elisabethan, every piece is made with love, making them great gifts for someone you love.

Photo on the adorable model is provided to show the fit of the garment.

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Clothing Care

Machine wash cold and line dry whenever possible!

At Elisabethan, we strive to construct clothing that is user-friendly. Most items are machine wash cold. The clothes are sewn for the long haul; this will be even longer if you line dry them.  Occasionally, fabrics and detailing will cause us to recommend hand washing or dry cleaning.

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