Tubular Cashmere Gloves


These cozy cashmere gloves have trim from felted merino wool sweaters and are one of our most popular items.

These gloves have a fun two shaded grey pattern on one hand with a heather grey on the other and feature bright blue on the other side. The trim is a navy blue at the fingers and the wrists.

These will make a great addition to your cold weather gear.  Folks also say they use them indoors as well as outdoors.

Elisabethan’s accessories are made of recycled materials, easy on the planet and the eyes.  Every piece is made with love, making them great gifts for someone you love or simply yourself.

Photo on the model is provided to show the fit of the garment.

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We strive to use the best reused materials; we use cashmere sweaters for the “hands” and merino wool for trim.

We recommend machine wash cold and lying flat to dry.

We ship internationally, please contact us for international shipping rates.

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