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Hi! We know it’s been AWHILE since we did a blog post (and know that that’s how we started our LAST post).
Sooooo, lets get right to it –
2023 kicked off with Elisabethan “world headquarters” in a new location – Cape Cod, Massachusetts!

Goodness – that makes it seem so easy – clicked our heels and poof, here we were
about 1/2 mile from the ocean. In reality, it was another big undertaking –
more yard sales, more free piles, more moving STUFF (maybe we’ll go into the moving business :)),
LOTS of help from friends and family, and keeping up production as best we could.
Gloves! We made lots of gloves!

“We” (which at the moment is actually lil ol’ me) have set up a workspace and
am getting a rhythm going here.My current location is short term, so I am working on
a more permanent set up. The go-to phrase has become “Let’s see what happens next”.

I intend to share more goodies with you, online and via email (though not my forte) but I AM truly going to try!
You can always email me with inquiries about other stock that may not be available on the website,
and Refinery in Paonia, CO, still has a respectable offering of our garments and goodies.
I WILL share and opportunities to shop in person as they develop.

For those of you with custom orders – all of your materials made the trip east and are on my radar.

Mack and Squig send their love, and continue to vie for the Shop Kitty title,
but they know that Miss Kitty will always be the Shop Kitty Queen.









a BIG THANK YOU to everyone who helped get me to this next step
it’s quite a change, but for now…
let’s see what happens next, shall we?…


Thanks for your interest, and support;
it means a lot and inspires me (and us)!



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