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Fun Facts About Betty!

By January 21, 2021About Elisabethan, Blog

1st Grade Betty

Today we’re celebrating the one of a kind, Betty, with some fun facts you may not know. It’s her birthday, and a kinda significant one…

Did you know…

To no surpirse, Betty shares a birthday with brilliant designers Christian Dior AND Cristóbal Balenciaga.

Betty & Big Bro Tim

Way back in grade school, when she was just a lil’ Betty she dreamed of growing up and becoming a fashion designer – just a friendly reminder to follow your dreams folks 😊

This lil’ Betty has always loved music and played the clarinet in the school band.

Betty’s very first job was a paper route delivering the Worcester Sunday Telegram, with her best friend, Margaret.  Can kids still even get a paper route today?

I Love Central Park!

In high school, Betty was late to meet her prom date because she was finishing sewing her prom dress.  Yes, you read that correctly – she’s been designing for a while.

Betty’s favorite foreign food is a bit specific – “Chinese dumplings made by my childhood best friend’s mother”.  They must’ve been amazing if you’re still talking about them 😉

Betty in High School

When younger, Betty made a calendar with photos of her family dog, Ginny (pictured above), who she would dress up in all sorts of outfits.

Although Elisabethan is very much a Colorado company, Betty has lived all over.  Betty grew up in Massachusetts and over her life has spent time living in Maine, Vermont, New Hampshire, Rhode Island, Michigan, and even Wales and Florence, Italy.

note the hat

Betty has always been quite athletic and played in the first Ultimate Frisbee National Co-Ed Club Championships as a member of Team Ryno, a ragtag(?!) but committed crew of players from Telluride & Crested Butte, CO.

One of the major benefits of running Elisabethan is getting to travel to various art fairs all over the country – Betty has been to 48 states!  Can you guess which two she’s yet to visit…?

You may know that Betty loves viewing films at Paonia’s local Paradise Theater, but did you know her favorite movie is Breaking Away – and she hates scary movies.

Have you ever tuned into KVNF on a Monday morning?  If so, you’ve listened to Betty’s radio show The Go Betty show, which she’s been hosting for the last 17 years.

In 2020, Betty is pretty sure she put more miles on her bike than her van – talk about reducing your carbon footprint…

There’s lots we can say about Betty but the most important today is that it’s her birthday!  Please join us in wishing Betty a happy birthday on our Elisabethan facebook page!

Thanks Aunt Kath for all the great pictures 💜

Betty & Kitties circa 2001


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  • MaDel says:

    Yup… 1.21.21, a significant palindrome celebrating a very significant lady’s BIG birthday. The best of the best, Beth has been her own person from the beginning, a force of determination, courage and vision. From her “little town,” she and her company radiate the mission: a generosity of spirit, a commitment to doing things well, and responsibility for the immediate community as well as the larger world.
    I know, I know… I’m her mother. But I can still be objective and call it as I see it. In short, I admire her, her tenacity, her ability, and her heart of gold. Happy Birthday, Beth ❣️

  • MaDel says:

    all set to go

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