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DIY Pompom Ornament

DIY Pompom in treesDIY Pompom Bow

DIY Pompom Ornament

We are always looking for new ways to utilize scraps here at Elisabethan, we figured this holiday season we would create an ornament that also doubles as a gift bow!  We love to put these on gifts as well as around the house or to decorate a tree outside.  Where do you put your Pompom ornaments?!

Stuff You’ll Need:

Cardboard/Paper (Cereal boxes work great!)

DIY Pompom Ornament_Stuff You Need


Make a pattern piece (Examples below) and cut out pattern.

DIY Pompom Ornament_Pattern


Trace pattern onto fabric.

  • If using T-shirt material you will need 18-20 cutouts.
  • If using sweater or thicker material you will need 10-12 cutouts.

DIY Pompom Ornament_Trace


Cut out your cutouts – They do not need to be perfect.

DIY Pompom Ornament_Cutouts


Cut one 1″ wide by 12″ long strip per ornament – stretch it (pull ends) – save for later.

DIY Pompom Ornament_Strip


Fold cutout in half and cut two 1/4″ slits approximately 1/2″ apart at center.  Repeat this step for each cutout.

DIY Pompom Ornament_Cut Slit


Fold piece in half to line the slits up with each other.  Feed the cutouts onto your strip one at a time.

DIY Pompom Ornament_Feed Cutouts


Tightly center all of the cutout in the middle.

DIY Pompom Ornament_Center Cutouts


Tie the bundle together tightly over folds.  Tie once more to secure.

DIY Pompom Ornaments_Tie


Viola! Pompom Ornament!

DIY Pompom Ornament


Tie a loop knot at the end of the strip.

Now it’s time to decorate and hang your new Pompom Ornament!

Miss Kitty Wears Pompom



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