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Hi! We know it’s been AWHILE since we did a blog post (and know that that’s how we started our LAST post).
Sooooo, lets get right to it –
2023 kicked off with Elisabethan “world headquarters” in a new location – Cape Cod, Massachusetts!

Goodness – that makes it seem so easy – clicked our heels and poof, here we were
about 1/2 mile from the ocean. In reality, it was another big undertaking –
more yard sales, more free piles, more moving STUFF (maybe we’ll go into the moving business :)),
LOTS of help from friends and family, and keeping up production as best we could.
Gloves! We made lots of gloves!

“We” (which at the moment is actually lil ol’ me) have set up a workspace and
am getting a rhythm going here.My current location is short term, so I am working on
a more permanent set up. The go-to phrase has become “Let’s see what happens next”.

I intend to share more goodies with you, online and via email (though not my forte) but I AM truly going to try!
You can always email me with inquiries about other stock that may not be available on the website,
and Refinery in Paonia, CO, still has a respectable offering of our garments and goodies.
I WILL share and opportunities to shop in person as they develop.

For those of you with custom orders – all of your materials made the trip east and are on my radar.

Mack and Squig send their love, and continue to vie for the Shop Kitty title,
but they know that Miss Kitty will always be the Shop Kitty Queen.









a BIG THANK YOU to everyone who helped get me to this next step
it’s quite a change, but for now…
let’s see what happens next, shall we?…


Thanks for your interest, and support;
it means a lot and inspires me (and us)!


CHANGE, how we love you!

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We know it’s been AWHILE since we did a blog post… 2021 continued to keep our heads turning!

Let’s see… we continued to roll with the impacts of Covid as best we could, and actually were very fortunate that we got to do a lot of our favorite things: reclaim secondhand textiles and make the best garments & goodies we can…

Back in late 2019, we moved out of the “big” studio we had been housed in for 16(?) years, and consolidated into the building where our retail store, Refinery, was located. The move was only a block away, but all those years in one place gave us lots of opportunity to accumulate STUFF.

Awesome stuff (raw materials of ALL kinds) but lots of stuff!

So, after a yard sale, multiple free piles & an heroic effort by amazing friends & crew, we set up shop at 138 Grand Avenue in Paonia.




last day at the Big Studio


In spring 2021, 138 Grand Ave went up for sale, and by late summer, the building was under contract. Both the new Studio Up AND Refinery needed to find a new home. Luckily, the new buyer gave us till the end of the year to relocate.

flippin’ the switch

That impending change gave me the opportunity to reflect on things, and realize that I was ready to let go of Refinery. Kathryn Griest, who has been part of Elisabethan & Refinery for years, decided she wanted create the next version of REFINERY.

In November, we “Flipped the Switch” and she took over.  As we speak, Kathryn is setting up Refinery in its new location; just 1/2 a block away at 224 Grand Avenue, Paonia.

getting ready for home studio






So with ANOTHER move completed, a lot of our raw materials (and there are still a LOT)are in storage for now. I’ve set up a workspace in my house while I figure our Elisabethan’s next steps. I appreciate the amazing studio spaces I have had as I adjust to a “cozier” layout!

We’ve been accepted to 2 art fairs so far for 2022, and of course have new items to share on the website… and I am working on some things none of us have seen (because they are yet to be created)


Finally, maybe most significant to share is the passing of Miss Kitty (aka Shop Kitty)…

She came to Elisabethan as a kitten 17 years ago, when I was walking home one night and heard her mewing under a porch. She quickly became a fixture at the studio, a bit of a social media sensation, and even inspired a new line of clothing called Shop Kitty. She had an uncanny sense of knowing what you REALLY needed to be working on, and would lying on top of it when you finally got to it. She was a gracious studio host, unless you were another feline, or unsuspecting canine.

She moved to my house when we moved out of the Big Studio, and in her retirement enjoyed a couple of years keeping Mack & Squig in line, AND plenty of sunshine & catnip in the yard. This fall she decided it was her time to go, and exited as gracefully as befit her sweet soul. We miss her!

Thanks for your interest, and support; it means a lot and inspires me (and us)!


New Elisabethan Accessories and Goodies!

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We’ve added  a bunch of new goodies this year.  Need a make-up bag or pencil pouch?  Pick up one of our new Zipper Pouches.

Our hand made buttons are made with vintage fabrics and love.  They’re make a great accent piece to any article or clothing or accessory.  Buy our Elisabethan handmade fabric buttons today!

Your everyday bag is here with the Gal Friday Tote Bags.  Theyr’e made from oxford shirts and come with a handy pocket!

Looking for a change pouch or handphone case?  Our button pouches are made of all recycled materials (Cassette tape not included🤘)

BBC speaks the truth behind the fashion industry

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Did you catch that?  Each year, over 100 BILLION items of clothing are produced globally.  3 out of 5 items end up in a landfill within 12 months.  That’s approximately 60 BILLION items of clothing that go in the trash after just a year from the initial purchase.  What a waste!

BBC Earth has done an incredible job of revelling the truth behind the pollution and effect the fashion industry has on our planet.  The industry’s habit for fast fashion has pushed many animals close to exstinction and has polluted our air and water.

This reminds us that we not only need a healthy planet for our survival but for our everyday inspiraiton.  Where would the fashion, technology, design, you name it industry be without the influence and knowledge aquired from nature?

We can make a change!  When you purchase an Elisabethan piece you are making a choice to support a healthy planet – and you get a flattering piece out of it too 😉

Elisabethan stands with BBC Earth and their mission to combat fast fashion.  We are happy to take the #SustainableMe pledge….will you join us?

I(we) pledge to…

Consider every purchase

Avoid fast fashion

Buy quality and consume less

Recycle and repurpose my clothes

Repair my clothing and footwear

10 Things You Didn’t Know You Can Recycle

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Happy Earth Day!  At Elisabethan, we try to live every day like it’s Earth Day and we wanted to tell you about items you probably didn’t even know you could recycle.  Not only that, we wanted to teach you HOW to recycle these items.

1. Athletic Shoes

There are plenty of organizations that take athletic shoe donations.  MORE accepts gently worn shoes.  The shoes are then sold in major metro areas to vendors who in turn create jobs and help improve the quality of life in cities. The proceeds from the sale of the shoes provides training and tools to the poorest rural farmers.  Soles4Souls is another organization that takes shoe donations.  Their mission is to create sustainable jobs and provide relief through the distribution of shoes and clothing around the world.

2. Holiday Lights

Those holiday lights sure look pretty but they don’t last forever – what should you do with them once they finally kick the dust?  Donate them to HolidayLEDS, who recycles your lights and even sends you a 15% off coupon.

3. Bras

Yes, we said bras, you can recycle bras!  The Bra Recyclers is leading bra recycling company that has partnered with Ambassadors around the world to recycle over 1 million bras and support over 80 non profit organizations.  Their purpose is to ignite a ‘Bra-volution’ to decrease the number of bras entering our landfills, while providing substantial social benefits to women and girls in need.

4. Batteries

Batteries contain heavy metals which can poison the soil and water in landfills.  You’re able to recycle batteries by mail with BatterySolutions.  Or stop at stores such as Ikea and Staples which have recycling programs for batteries and other items like ink cartridges and more.

5. Eyeglasses

In just about any home, one can find a pair of eyeglasses that are no longer being used. That same pair of eyeglasses can change another person’s life.  Lions Club accepts donations of glasses of all types.  These glasses are then cleaned, sorted and distributed to people in need in low and middle income communities where they will have the greatest impact.

6. Greeting Cards

Everyone loves getting a greeting card and St. Jude’s Ranch for Children has made them eco-friendly.  St. Jude’s Ranch for Children recycles your used greeting cards and creates new holiday and all-occasion greeting cards. Recycled cards are sold to support our programs and services for abused, neglected and homeless children, young adults and families.

7. Keys

Each year In the United States alone, millions of keys become lost or obsolete and are then thrown away.  The Key For Hope Foundation is a non-profit organization that collects such keys are weighed and sold recycling centers as scrap metal.  The profits are used to fill the food pantries and help the hungry. It doesn’t have to stop at keys! Other metals that can be scrapped can be donated as well, such as lock systems, copper, and all other metal items.

8. Sporting Equipment

Kids outgrow sporting goods so quickly it’s hard to keep up.  There are various places that accept sporting equipment and put it back out into the athletic world, one of which is Play It Again Sports.  In fact, Play It Again Sports will buy or trade equipment with you.

9. Packaging Materials

Packaging materials are often necessary but once they’ve done their job they seem like a waste.  Well waste no more!  There are various ways to recycle packaging materials the Plastic Loose Fill Council and the EPS Industry Alliance are great resources to find recycling locations.  Another option is to reach out to small business owners to see if they could reuse your packing peanuts.

10. Crayons

The National Crayon Recycle Program takes unwanted, rejected, broken crayons to a better place, where they will be recycled into new crayons!  This “recycling” education, community service has made it possible to stop more than 112,000 pounds of unwanted crayons from going into landfills with the help from schools, organization educators and kids across this country.

We Trust Trusted Clothes – And They Trust Us!

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We recently had a great chat with the people of Trusted Clothing, an organization working on promoting ethical, sustainable and healthy fashion (how awesome?!).

Trusted Clothing asked us many meaningful questions such as:

What makes slow fashion better than fast fashion?

Click here to find out our answer and read the full interview.

Want more info on Elisabethan and founder Elisabeth Delehaunty?

Check out this lovely article by Tamie Meck of the Delta County Independent.  You may even get a peak of the the dress Elisabeth Delehaunty made for her senior prom!



Photo shoot

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We are getting ready for our first photo shoot of 2017… we’re kind of excited because we are teaming up with fellow eco-fashion designer Sarah Peterson of Threads & Alchemy and will being doing the shoot on-site in a couple of our hometown locales here in Paonia, CO… stay tuned for photos from it. In the meantime, here are some photos of new items we are adding to Elisabethan in 2017!

These images by Cole Rodger Photographics… they make us look good.

The classic Go Betty Tee continues to be a favorite, so we were inspired to turn it into a dress…

And expanding our dress offerings with the Tiered, Reverse-Applique Dress… We’re doing it in a shorter length too


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Our May event is starting (but only starting) to rival our big Holiday Sale in December… this one promises to be extra fun with a few creative friends bringing MAKING supplies from their stashes… in addition, of course, to LOTS  of great clothing for your spring & summer wardrobe!
Go to the event page on Facebook for sneak peeks…



Elisabethan shin diggy JPG

stealth shop

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The Elisabethan In-Studio Pop Up Shop is open again… We know, we know… we haven’t exactly been making a big fuss about it.  We’ve mostly let people know that we’re open thru Facebook posts and the sign we put at the end of Grand Ave, Paonia, CO.

We are officially open Wednesdays & Thursdays noon to 6pm, and plan to add Fridays with the same hours at the end of May.  We know, we know… not exactly tons of time to shop, but we want to SURE we are THERE when we say we will be—drop-ins are welcome at other times if they are friendly and understand we are a working studio and might be in the midst of SOMETHING BIG.

The Pop Up shop is still a work in progress and we’ll try to share exciting developments with you. We are planning a kind of summer kick off Shin-Diggy May 27-29, so there’s that…

11058729_10152893961325983_5507029728728361301_n 11110572_10152851881505983_8154297924010167405_n

Trunk Show

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We are excited for our 2nd (we hope Annual) TRUNK SHOW with Pleasant Hill Designs in Dennis Village, MA (that’s on Cape Cod). We sent 2 very full boxes last week, loaded with accessories that will make great gifts as well as a lovely sampling of our tops, tunics, & skirts.  AND we’ll have someone very special to Elisabethan on site to help Joanne and her crew at the shop host it. (thanks, MOM!)

Hope you can join us!  Saturday, November 8 from 10 to 5 and  Sunday, November 9 from 11 to 4.
PLEASANT HILL DESIGNS, 744 Route 6A (Old Kings Highway), Dennis, MA



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Hello and Happy 4th of JULY!

We will have a booth at AWEFEST in Crested Butte, CO, on SUNDAY, JULY 6.  9am to 2pm. We’re excited to be in CB earlier than usual this summer! And yes, yes, we’ll also be there during the first weekend in August for the Festival of the Arts.  Lucky us!

State of the Studio

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7:30 PM Mountain Standard Time

Working late at the studio (it’s not even THAT late—if I’m still here at 8:30, then maybe…)

…finishing up samples for NY NOW Show and listening to the President’s State of the Union speech… lots of talk about work ethic, pursuing dreams, the need to support small business & entrepreneurs, the importance of MADE IN THE USA…

…interesting, interesting…


We’re THERE, but not really there

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The Atlanta Gift Show that is… runs through January 14.  ELISABETHAN the clothing/accessory line is there, but not ELISABETHAN the personality.  We’re letting our Atlanta sales rep, Cathy at WINC Apparel handle the orders this time around.

Here’s the window we’ve got in the lobby of Building 3 at Americasmart…  See?  We’re THERE.

winc window copy


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LOVE this Facebook post by Gregory who got a FALL APPLIQUE SKIRT for himself when he was visiting Paonia with the Creative Districts of Colorado!

a huge thank you to the creative geniuses at elisabethan for crafting the best skirt that i have ever owned. it is time for men to show off their legs. happy holidays and make re-purposing your resolution for the new year. the artists at elisabethan in gorgeous paonia will have you styling in no time. happy holidays. — at kadoya gallery.



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Holy crow—

It’s hard to believe, but it’s getting to be time for the annual ELISABETHAN HOLIDAY STUDIO SALE! We decided on dates and details just today, so we thought we should let YOU know as soon as WE knew!

We’ll kick-off with our usual big shindig on FRIDAY, DECEMBER 6 from 4 to 8pm.
The fun will continue on SATURDAY, DECEMBER 7 from 10am to 4pm.

AND as if THAT weren’t enough, we’ll have expanded hours this year for your shopping PLEASURE & CONVENIENCE:

WEDNESDAYs & THURSDAYS, DECEMBER 11-12 AND DECEMBER 18-19 from 12 noon to 6pm.
SATURDAY, DECEMBER 14 from 10am to 4pm.

We are working on lining up our stellar cast of fellow artisan-makers to be there, as well as some new faces & creations. . .

We’ll keep you posted, especially on FACEBOOK.  Are you a FAN?  Do you LIKE us? Please do!



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I just had to share this photo of our fan Lee —- she bought the dress at our flash sale outside Glennie Coombe Gallery on Wednesday, and wore it on Thursday for the Fourth of July in Aspen.  Hope you are having a wonderful holiday weekend celebrating this crazy wonderful country we live in!



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…and summer is off at a gallop… I just hope we can hang on!

We’ll have a “flash” sale outside of Glennie Coombe Gallery on Wednesday, July 3, as part of PAONIA’S CHERRY DAYS celebration.  From 11-2(ish). And if that’s too fast for you, shop in the cool of the gallery during regular hours!

Then, right AFTER the 4th, it’s a trunk show at TANGO in Gunnison, CO:



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Subtle, no? We just wanted to make sure that you knew where we would be this weekend… at the first ASPEN SATURDAY MARKET of the season! We’re across the street from our spot last year, so we’re on the NORTH side of Hopkins Avenue. We’ll be there every other Saturday till October, so that’s June 15 & 29, July 13 & 27, August 10 & 24, September 7 & 21, AND October 5!


THIS weekend… we’re in DOWNTOWN DENVER!

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We’ll be right in the thick of it for Memorial Day weekend… at ARTSTIR at the Denver Pavilions, on Glenarm Place between 15th & 17th Streets… Four days to shop Elisabethan… Friday thru Sunday, May 24-27!  
(Psst… We’re going to have a great SALE rack in the booth!)

CLICK HERE to link to info on ARTSTIR

and here’s a map to put you in the picture, so to speak…



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THIS Saturday… it’s going to be fun—-treasure from the depths of the ELISABETHAN studio… also goodies from EMBRACE, that trendy boutique in Hotchkiss, jewelry from LIFE OF RILEY at crazy prices AND more excellent, “random” stuff…

Hope you can come!

Yard Sale!

Denver – Memorial Day Weekend!

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This just in—-we’ll be in DOWNTOWN DENVER for Memorial Weekend at a new show for us called ARTSTIR.  It’s at the Denver Pavillions on Glenarm Place between 15th & 17th Streets.  

It’s a four day festival, so even if you have other plans for the weekend, you can catch us on one end or the other!

Friday, May 24  4-8pm  —  Saturday, May 25 11am-8pm — Sunday, May May 26 — 11am-6pm — Monday, May 27 11am-6pm

We’ll post more info, like our booth location, as we find out…



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Here’s info on the SECOND of two trunk shows we are doing this month—–and owner/designer/chief recycler Elisabeth Delehaunty will be attending both!
The other show is at MINERVA’S OWL in ROSLINDALE, MA, on Thursday, April 25 from 2 to 8pm.
AND we’ll be at the FIESTA ARTS FAIR in SAN ANTONIO, TX, April 20-21!

 S'mine Trunk Show


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Oh, how au courant of us! An ELISABETHAN POP-UP SHOP right in our own studio!
The BE OUR VALENTINE Ladies’ Night!

TUESDAY, FEBRUARY 12 from 5 to 8 pm

Come SHOP (we’ve got great sale items), CREATE (we’ll supply makings for valentines & prayer flags) and TAKE THE CHILL OFF (tasty nibbles from Backcountry Coffee & a special valentine concoction to quaff :))


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I heard a story on NPR (where I get pretty much all of my news) before the holidays about Charlotte, NC’s airport and the major RECYCLING program they have instituted. Then, wouldn’t you know it, I actually changed planes in that VERY airport on Christmas day…  Their recycling cans were adequate, but hardly show-stopping.  I was a little surprised that they weren’t shouting from the rooftops about their recycling program BECAUSE they do all of the sorting AND they have worms turning the organic (food,etc) waste into compost! They even paired up with some church ladies to collect all the clothes travelers toss when they find out their bags are too heavy (maybe we need to get in on that!).

Anyhoo, here’s a link to the story and a photo of one of the recycling containers at Charlotte…







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Our latest TEE DRIVE with NEST in Clarksville, MD, raised $$$ for Success in Style, an organization that helps women (& men) in crisis become employed and self-sufficient. They provide appropriate business attire, practical fashion advice and interview counseling—–seems like a good fit, no? (pardon the pun)
THANKS to Anastasia & everyone that participated… (we got some fabulous tees!) 


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We hit the road tomorrow, bound for SALINA, KS, for a truly terrific TRUNK SHOW at ON THE POT, a paint-your-own-pottery studio owned by Julie & Robin Cates.  And while at first glance that may not seem like an obvious location for a ‘bethan trunk show, we know it will be fabulous.  The Cates sisters run a first-class, lively, innovative, FUN studio, and any event they put on is sure to be a grand time!  We usually only get to see them once a year at the SMOKY HILL RIVERFEST in Salina, where, as volunteer coordinators, they keep the craft vendors (including yours truly) in line.  So twice in a year? — lucky, lucky us!  And if THAT weren’t enough, ELISABETHAN is sharing billing on the TRUNK SHOW with MELINDA HUTTON, the artist & attitude behind CLOSURES and REMNANTS, her lines of jewelry created from vintage & antique buttons & costume jewelry.  GRAND TIME, indeed!

WHERE:  ON THE POT, 111 North Santa Fe Avenue, Salina, KS

WHEN:  THURS, November 15 5-9pm; FRI, November 16 2-8pm; SAT, November 17 10am-2pm


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Our latest trunk show is this THURSDAY, NOVEMBER  1, at ART OFF SYMMES in Hamilton, Ohio.  It’s the newer, sister store of Art ON Symmes in Franklin, Ohio.  Owner Sherry Armstead had so many enthusiastic customers traveling to the Franklin store from Hamilton that she decided to give Hamilton it’s “own” Art On/Off Symmes! Read on below or click this link:  ART OFF SYMMES


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The 4th Annual District 81428 Fashion and Design Show is upon us…  dress rehearsal tonight, performance WEDNESDAY (9/26) at 8pm and FRIDAY (9/28) at 9pm.  Holey moley, tickets are sold OUT.  Here’s a peak at what Elisabethan will be showing…           1989 was a great year, wasn’t it?


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It’s like being back in school and having a paper due…

The 4th Annual District 81428 Fashion and Design Show is less than 2 weeks away and I have a LOT still to do. In my school days, I would do anything BUT work on a paper when I had one due — I’d clean my room, do laundry, sort my proverbial sock drawer and wait till the absolute last minute to do the one thing I REALLY needed to be doing. In high school, I’d even go to bed first… “If I go to bed now, and get up at 3am/4am/5am, I can still get it done”.

Well this weekend, I did laundry, weeded the yard, vacuumed the cat hair off the couch AND cleaned the studio (well, some of it — to do all of it is a MUCH bigger job). So it’s getting to be that down to the wire time — no choice BUT to pull everything together for the Fashion Show.

I like to think that maybe all the activity is more than just procrastination. It’s clearing the brain space, the work space, clearing ALL the decks so that I can devote ALL my focus to what is, after all, a big task.

But maybe this post is just more procrastination…

Here are a couple of pictures from the FaDS Designer Workshop this weekend. Click on the thumbnails to see the full image.  Once again, apologies for photos taken with an antique iPhone.


CB Trunk Show!

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It’s Arts Festival Weekend in Crested Butte, CO, and though we’re NOT participating in the festival directly for the second time in 16 years (not OUR choice :)), there was NO way we would miss out on all the fun!  Soooo, FOUR EIGHTEEN (that’s 418 Elk Avenue) is hosting an Elisabethan Trunk Show all weekend!  We’re so excited to be Nan’s guests… hope to see you there!

oh by the way…

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You’d think we’d have rushed to the blog to share news of the award we won at the Smoky Hill River Festival in Salina, KS in June, but apparently we’re more demure.  Nevertheless, we were VERY excited about it, the invitation to exhibit there next year, AND the cash award!


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It’s time again to head east to SALINA, KANSAS, for the Smoky Hill River Festival.  I first did this show probably 12 or 14 years ago when I was driving Belugasaurus, a well-worn 1987 Toyota Van (the pointy-nosed one that predated even the Previa).  I pulled into the show to set up on the morning the show started and discovered I had a flat tire.  Before I had time to freak out, the van was swarmed by the football team (does Salina have more than one high school?).  They quickly got to work not only changing my flat but also unloading the stuffed van.



Turns out, this is not unusual… Riverfest is a BIG DEAL, and the entire community of Salina takes pride in making sure everyone at the festival feels special.  From volunteers coming around literally every 15 minutes to see if exhibiting artists (like yours truly) need water, to an artist dinner at the downtown deli/coffehouse, to now the soccer team helping load & unload artists vehicles, Riverfest is unparalleled for hospitality.

There are all kinds of activities for kids, sculpture installations all over Oakdale Park where the Festival happens, live music on 3 (or is it 4?) stages, and loads of folks excited to be there. There’s even a treasure hunt to find the Festival Medallion—-the winner gets $2000 in cash as well as $2000 in Festival gift certificates!

Anyone who knows me knows that going to an art fair is an epic undertaking for me, but I look forward to this one…  I now have good friends that I get to see just once a year, in Salina.  Like I say on our home page, if you are ANYWHERE nearby, you should experience Riverfest!

-xo betty

we (hope) we give as good as we get

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The GIVE (or GET?) —-two TRUNK SHOWS happening this weekend—-

Friday, May 4 (11pm to 4pm) at A CALL TO LIFE in Colorado Springs, CO
Sunday, May 6 (1pm to 4pm) at BABY DOE’S in Golden, CO

The GET (or GIVE?) —-both stores are holding TEE DRIVES.  Elisabethan will buy any clean, reusable tees folks bring in, and the $$$ raised go to great worthy causes:
CASA of Pikes Peak Region for A Call to Life AND Foothills Animal Shelter for Baby Doe’s

Here’s BABY DOE’S take on it…

Toot toot!

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We just can’t resist sharing a glowing blog post about us by one of our oldest & most fave stores — NEST in Clarksville, MD.  Thanks, Anastasia!

Click here to see it for real —  OLD MADE NEW AGAIN  — or my cut & paste job below…

It was definitely love at first sight when we first crossed paths with designer Beth Delehaunty and her clothing line,  Elisabethan, in 2006.  Beth makes clothes out of old clothes (or “experienced textiles,” as she puts it), and her creations are charming, fanciful, and fun. When I wear one of her skirts or tops I feel playful and light-hearted.

Beth herself is smart, funny, compassionate, kind, and a little mischievous. She and the clothes she creates inspire me to not miss this life as it zips by! If she lived closer I’d meet her for coffee every Tuesday.

Beth also has an extraordinary eye for design and color. She finds color and pattern pairings that no one else can see. This stripe goes with that stripe which also kind of matches that print with the little stars… a hodge-podge that doesn’t seem to match at first glance, but her wiser eye knows they’re perfect for one another.

Many times over the years I commented to Beth that it sometimes seems a little odd for Nest in Maryland to sell items made out of event t-shirts from Colorado (her home base). Without fail, she always replied, “Well, you could collect Mid-Atlantic shirts for me!” This fall we finally had a t-shirt collection for Elisabethan.  We shipped off a big box full of T’s, including shirts promoting the Redskins, Howard County Bike to Work Day, Save the Bay, and to our delight, Roots Market and Great Sage.  We couldn’t wait to see what Beth and her crew of sewers would do with them!

 A couple of days ago our spring order arrived and it felt like Christmas. There they were, the shirts we’d sent off, re-envisioned with fabulous new personalities. Roots became a star, Great Sage a flower, Bike to Work Day the body of a ruffled top. One of a kind creations reflecting our Nest community!

We’re definitely going to hold a spring t-shirt collection for Beth – we’ll keep you posted on the details!



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Charlotte and her crew at SPALICIOUS in SAVANNAH, TENNESSEE once again host Elisabethan for a Trunk Show… this Thursday, Friday, & Saturday, April 12, 13, & 14!  If it’s anything like the one last fall, it’s going to be a FAB event!  We’ve sent a great selection of spring Go Betty Tees, Swerve Tees, & Skirts, and just TODAY sent another box — We got a fresh batch of SHORT SLEEVE Swerve Tees done and simple HAD to include them — they should arrive on Friday!

So get your taxes filed and get over there: 407 Main Street, Savannah, TN  (731) 926-4024

Recycle Runway

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Look what we saw in the airport in Atlanta… as I said on Facebook, it’s got to be a good sign when you’re going to a trade show to sell your recyclo-centric clothing and there is an exhibit in the airport of recyclo-centric clothing!

These are done by Nancy Judd—learn more about her, and her creations at