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New Year, New Look

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That’s right folks, it’s 2019 and we’re happy to announce Elisabethan’s new website!  This website is faster, easy to navigate and fully loaded with brand new Elisabethan pieces!

If you’re a long-time ‘bethan fan you’ll notice the new website is all Get What You See items.  You’ll also find a new style, Shop Kitty!  Our Shop Kitty Line includes pieces that designer Elisabeth Delehaunty selects to “trick out”.

Unlike our Elisabethan pieces, that are constructed from scratch using reclaimed fabrics, in Shop Kitty Beth embellishes existing garments that arrive via our raw materials stream. It gives her an opportunity to be more creative with appliques and other special details. These are truly one of a kind pieces!

Have no fear, if you don’t see what you’re looking for please call or email us and we’ll be happy to find the perfect piece for you!

Not only have we been working behind the scenes on the new website — we’ve been working on new designs, accessories, and other fun goodies.  This is going to be a big year for Elisabethan stay in the loop by signing up for our newsletter and following us on facebook and instagram.

We cannot wait to show you what we’ve got!

…we call it Refinery

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So, we’ve been working on a new project, and if this is the first you’ve heard of it, we freely admit we are not great at self-promotion. We’ve teamed up with Allison McGuigan, former owner of Echo Consignments, and are opening a store.

Yes, a store. We call it Refinery. It’s at 138 Grand Avenue, Paonia, CO.

We had our official opening on Friday, May 13, 2016 —-it was a blast—-and now it’s full steam ahead!

IMG_2454Refinery- openingRefinery- balloons

It’s in the former Glennie Coombe Gallery, which carried Elisabethan for several years, in Paonia’s old library building, just a block away from our production studio. It’s a beautiful space to showcase our creations, and after selling our work all over the country, it’s something we’ve thought about doing for awhile… How ’bout a doing it in our own backyard?  And with Allison’s carefully curated resale fashions, as well as works by hand-picked artists, we think it will be an experience unlike any other.

And we want Refinery to be a place to bring your creativity! Stay tuned for workshops and “making” nights later in the summer/fall—Refinery is a work in progress… follow the story HERE

WEB refinery logo green


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We are excited to share news from one of our newer accounts, PanTerra Gallery in Bisbee, AZ… It’s time for their week long Celebration of Art to Wear, which started Saturday November 21st and runs through November 28th. They will be featuring one-of-a-kind and limited edition Wearable Art from current and new designers. We can spot at least one Elisabethan item in the collage of wearables… can you??




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Need a little palette change from snowy WHITE (or around ‘bethan HQ, muddy BROWN)? Feast your eyes on these “coastal bright” Swish Skirts headed for A SHORE THING on Hilton Head Island, SC… don’t know why, but you need to click on the photo to REALLY see the colors…!

Pop UP!

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We’re dipping our toe into the “brick & mortar” waters, so to speak… an in-studio POP UP SHOP for the holidays!
We’re kicking it off with extended hours this Thursday & Friday, November 13-14, from noon – 8pm.
Come unwind from your week—we ‘re starting off with racks of great RESALE clothing (when you are in our business, clothes just FIND you) at great prices.
Then as we get closer to the holidays, we’ll transition into an Elisabethan marketplace highlighted by our Annual Sale & Open House on December 5 & 6.
It’s an experiment for us… come by & help make it a success! We’d love to see you! (click on the “flyer” to the left to see details)


Trunk Show

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We are excited for our 2nd (we hope Annual) TRUNK SHOW with Pleasant Hill Designs in Dennis Village, MA (that’s on Cape Cod). We sent 2 very full boxes last week, loaded with accessories that will make great gifts as well as a lovely sampling of our tops, tunics, & skirts.  AND we’ll have someone very special to Elisabethan on site to help Joanne and her crew at the shop host it. (thanks, MOM!)

Hope you can join us!  Saturday, November 8 from 10 to 5 and  Sunday, November 9 from 11 to 4.
PLEASANT HILL DESIGNS, 744 Route 6A (Old Kings Highway), Dennis, MA


Primp fest

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It’s that time of the year—-the lint rollers are getting lots of use as we “primp” fall & winter goodies to get them ready to ship out to our favorite shops & galleries.  Ashley and Peggysoup both know how to wield this critical tool with style!

Click here for the list of shops & galleries that carry Elisabethan!




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Just in case you are a Facebooker, we are getting really really close to 1,000 LIKES on our FB page and would love your help to get there… CLICK HERE. What is it about zeroes, anyway, that make them so enticing as a milestone?

And the Elisabethan trunk show at TANGO in Gunnison, CO, continues thru this weekend… here’s a little peek from their “outfit” board

We’re THERE, but not really there

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The Atlanta Gift Show that is… runs through January 14.  ELISABETHAN the clothing/accessory line is there, but not ELISABETHAN the personality.  We’re letting our Atlanta sales rep, Cathy at WINC Apparel handle the orders this time around.

Here’s the window we’ve got in the lobby of Building 3 at Americasmart…  See?  We’re THERE.

winc window copy


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Congrats to all our ‘bethan retailers on SMALL BUSINESS SATURDAY—who needs Black Friday?  Shopping SMALL is a lot more fun…
And a special shout out to our friends at NEST in Clarksville, MD, for 10 years in business this year and KALY in West Chester, PA, for 25 years in biz this year… nothing SMALL about that!!


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Next weekend… a chance to get some Elisabethan goodies in Brooklyn!  Our friend Debbie Tuch of GLITTERLIMES fame is hosting a pop-up shop in her on-the-verge-of-trendy Brooklyn neighborhood of Greenpoint. (Or is ALL of Brooklyn trendy these days?) Either way, we’re glad to be there!


Ohio Fashion Show!

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Tomorrow is the big day for ART ON/OFF SYMMES’ (that’s two stores) 2nd FALL FASHION SHOW, and we are happy to be part of it! 6pm — Hamilton, OH — in The Atrium of the Historic Mercantile Building.  Make sure you GO if you are in the neighborhood, and if you do, say “HI!” from us!

PS—anything look familiar in the photo below…?



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…and summer is off at a gallop… I just hope we can hang on!

We’ll have a “flash” sale outside of Glennie Coombe Gallery on Wednesday, July 3, as part of PAONIA’S CHERRY DAYS celebration.  From 11-2(ish). And if that’s too fast for you, shop in the cool of the gallery during regular hours!

Then, right AFTER the 4th, it’s a trunk show at TANGO in Gunnison, CO:



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Here’s info on the SECOND of two trunk shows we are doing this month—–and owner/designer/chief recycler Elisabeth Delehaunty will be attending both!
The other show is at MINERVA’S OWL in ROSLINDALE, MA, on Thursday, April 25 from 2 to 8pm.
AND we’ll be at the FIESTA ARTS FAIR in SAN ANTONIO, TX, April 20-21!

 S'mine Trunk Show

Gloves, by gum!

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We’re finally getting some snow in this neck of the woods, thank goodness!

So, it seems like a good time to have a GLOVE SALE with our friends at THE ROSE in downtown Hotchkiss, CO.  Starting now, till the first week or so in March (depends on if it keeps snowing) ALL Elisabethan GLOVES at The Rose are on sale!

Buy 2 pairs and get the 3rd pair (of equal or lesser value) free!  Yes, FREE!

Go get ’em!



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Our latest TEE DRIVE with NEST in Clarksville, MD, raised $$$ for Success in Style, an organization that helps women (& men) in crisis become employed and self-sufficient. They provide appropriate business attire, practical fashion advice and interview counseling—–seems like a good fit, no? (pardon the pun)
THANKS to Anastasia & everyone that participated… (we got some fabulous tees!) 

Skinny Jeans – A Story for Small Biz Saturday

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Here’s the best ‘bethan Black Friday story in honor of Small Business Saturday (give or take a day or two)
This is Betty here—not Miss Kitty— I was in the MALL on Black Friday, partly because I wanted to see what all of the hullabaloo was about and partly because I have worn holes in the seats of TWO pairs of pants in the past week.  

Turns out Anthropologie is one of the only places you can buy pants other than skinny jeans (I don’t wear skinny jeans).  So I was shopping in Anthropologie and a woman asked me where I got my skirt (I was wearing an Elisabethan Vintage Applique Skirt).  She said she was hoping I got it there, because she wanted one.  

I said, why no, I make them!

Wow, she said, do you have a card?  Then as I turned fully around and she took a second look, she said, wait a minute—-do you sell them in Steamboat (Springs, CO)?!

I said, yep, at EMBELLISHMENTS.  She said, omigosh, I HAVE one—-but it doesn’t have polka dots. (Why shouldn’t the designer get first choice?!)

Now I wish I could say what happened next was that everyone within earshot started ooh-ing and aah-ing and the manager of the store came over and promptly got on the the phone to corporate and next thing I knew I had an order from Anthropologie for 50,000 Vintage Applique Skirts, but that’s not what happened.

I DID at least have a business card on me which I handed over—-it is SUCH a treat to meet someone who owns Elisabethan items, and I think it was a treat for that woman to meet the maker of her skirt. (If I were petty, I’d say that that’s probably never going to happen with an Anthropologie skirt —- good thing I’m not petty.)

And I DID get a new pair of pants, with no holes in them, that AREN’T skinny jeans!


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Our latest trunk show is this THURSDAY, NOVEMBER  1, at ART OFF SYMMES in Hamilton, Ohio.  It’s the newer, sister store of Art ON Symmes in Franklin, Ohio.  Owner Sherry Armstead had so many enthusiastic customers traveling to the Franklin store from Hamilton that she decided to give Hamilton it’s “own” Art On/Off Symmes! Read on below or click this link:  ART OFF SYMMES

CB Trunk Show!

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It’s Arts Festival Weekend in Crested Butte, CO, and though we’re NOT participating in the festival directly for the second time in 16 years (not OUR choice :)), there was NO way we would miss out on all the fun!  Soooo, FOUR EIGHTEEN (that’s 418 Elk Avenue) is hosting an Elisabethan Trunk Show all weekend!  We’re so excited to be Nan’s guests… hope to see you there!

we (hope) we give as good as we get

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The GIVE (or GET?) —-two TRUNK SHOWS happening this weekend—-

Friday, May 4 (11pm to 4pm) at A CALL TO LIFE in Colorado Springs, CO
Sunday, May 6 (1pm to 4pm) at BABY DOE’S in Golden, CO

The GET (or GIVE?) —-both stores are holding TEE DRIVES.  Elisabethan will buy any clean, reusable tees folks bring in, and the $$$ raised go to great worthy causes:
CASA of Pikes Peak Region for A Call to Life AND Foothills Animal Shelter for Baby Doe’s

Here’s BABY DOE’S take on it…

Toot toot!

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We just can’t resist sharing a glowing blog post about us by one of our oldest & most fave stores — NEST in Clarksville, MD.  Thanks, Anastasia!

Click here to see it for real —  OLD MADE NEW AGAIN  — or my cut & paste job below…

It was definitely love at first sight when we first crossed paths with designer Beth Delehaunty and her clothing line,  Elisabethan, in 2006.  Beth makes clothes out of old clothes (or “experienced textiles,” as she puts it), and her creations are charming, fanciful, and fun. When I wear one of her skirts or tops I feel playful and light-hearted.

Beth herself is smart, funny, compassionate, kind, and a little mischievous. She and the clothes she creates inspire me to not miss this life as it zips by! If she lived closer I’d meet her for coffee every Tuesday.

Beth also has an extraordinary eye for design and color. She finds color and pattern pairings that no one else can see. This stripe goes with that stripe which also kind of matches that print with the little stars… a hodge-podge that doesn’t seem to match at first glance, but her wiser eye knows they’re perfect for one another.

Many times over the years I commented to Beth that it sometimes seems a little odd for Nest in Maryland to sell items made out of event t-shirts from Colorado (her home base). Without fail, she always replied, “Well, you could collect Mid-Atlantic shirts for me!” This fall we finally had a t-shirt collection for Elisabethan.  We shipped off a big box full of T’s, including shirts promoting the Redskins, Howard County Bike to Work Day, Save the Bay, and to our delight, Roots Market and Great Sage.  We couldn’t wait to see what Beth and her crew of sewers would do with them!

 A couple of days ago our spring order arrived and it felt like Christmas. There they were, the shirts we’d sent off, re-envisioned with fabulous new personalities. Roots became a star, Great Sage a flower, Bike to Work Day the body of a ruffled top. One of a kind creations reflecting our Nest community!

We’re definitely going to hold a spring t-shirt collection for Beth – we’ll keep you posted on the details!



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Charlotte and her crew at SPALICIOUS in SAVANNAH, TENNESSEE once again host Elisabethan for a Trunk Show… this Thursday, Friday, & Saturday, April 12, 13, & 14!  If it’s anything like the one last fall, it’s going to be a FAB event!  We’ve sent a great selection of spring Go Betty Tees, Swerve Tees, & Skirts, and just TODAY sent another box — We got a fresh batch of SHORT SLEEVE Swerve Tees done and simple HAD to include them — they should arrive on Friday!

So get your taxes filed and get over there: 407 Main Street, Savannah, TN  (731) 926-4024

Bring out your tees!

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Our friends at NEST in Clarksville, MD (they have carried Elisabethan in their store just about as long as anybody has) are having a T-SHIRT DRIVE this weekend for Elisabethan.  It’s something we’ve wanted to get going for awhile and are so glad Anastasia and her crew have stepped up!  Elisabethan will buy the tees that people bring into Nest, and Nest will donate that money to a non-profit group of their choosing… and t-shirt donors can free up some drawer space!

Nest Tee Drive

another take on Black Friday

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…as presented by Amy Satterfield, owner of Wadoo Furniture Co in Ft Collins, CO… yes, site of a recent Elisabethan trunk show!

Dear Preferred Customers—–

OK, I give. I cry Uncle. Wadoo is a retail store, and I should act more retail-y. I’ve avoided the Black Friday Sale Sensationalism for four years — just because it’s so early and intense and it hurts when people trample my head. But when I found out this morning that My Sister Knits — a clearly cool independent store like my own — is having a Black Friday sale, I read the tea leaves, the writing on the wall and the cards: Anybody who can run a succesful knitting business a mile and a half off the beaten path in a neighborhood of nice homes but absolutely no retail clearly knows what she’s doing, and if she’s doing a Black Friday Sale, then so am I, because my mama didn’t raise me to be a fool.

To make it simple, everything at Wadoo is 20 percent off on Black Friday. Same goes for Colorless Saturday (that way, you can spread yourselves out and avoid a stampede.)

So squeeze Wadoo into your Black Friday schedule: After your midnight shopping at Wal Mart, after your 3 a.m. online shopping at Amazon, and sure, after your 10 a.m. shopping at My Sister Knits. I’m willing to get in line behind those guys because I won’t open until 11, as usual, and because I’m voluntarily NOT opening until it’s my turn, which has been set by the Committee to Avoid Shopping Injuries for 11 a.m., so people can move through the stores on their Black Friday list in an orderly fashion that promotes good digestion. Incidentally, all other retail stores in the tri-county area and especially in Centerra and the Harmony Corridor, didn’t get an opening time until 6 p.m. on Black Friday giving you plenty of time to complete your Wadoo shopping before you even think about them. It’s very nice of all those stores to abide by their rather inconvenient opening times for the safety of our citizenry, and I don’t know how I got such a big slot — 11 to 6 — but I did, and that’s that. I never second guess a Committee.

20 percent off. Everything in the store. Black Friday and Colorless Saturday.


Happy shopping!


Betty & Miss Kitty