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Women Who Inspire Us

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As a woman-owned business, we take International Women’s Day to heart.  This year’s theme for Women’s Day is Choose to Challenge –  I think we all have had plenty of challenge lately… so give yourself credit for continuing to show up. It’s a lot!
This year, we’d like to take a moment to honor some ladies who came before (and one still with us, thank goodness!).  Those who inspire us with their words, their work and their stories.

Katherine Delehaunty

Katherine Delehaunty AKA Mom

“Don’t hide your light under a bushel basket”
– Katherine Delehaunty

My mom has always inspired me but how she shows up for her family and those she loves without losing her own identity.

Elsa Schiparelli

“I myself used to do absurd things.  Yes, I mean that.  I had to have a laugh, and some of the things were absurd.  But they could always be worn by an elegant woman; they did not negate her elegance.” – Elsa Schiparelli (referring to some of her designs)

Schiparelli’s styles are timeless, inspired by serendipity and “the impulse of the moment”

Frida Kahlo

Frida Kahlo

“The only thing I know is that I paint because I need to, and I paint whatever passes through my head without any other consideration.”
– Frida Kahlo

Kahlo’s work and lifestyle has been an inpiration since she continued to work despite living with chronic pain. Tapping into the life flow can result in amazing things.

Pema Chödrön

“You are the sky.  Everything else…it’s just the weather” – Pema Chödrön

She reminds us to remain centered, and keep perspective, even when the weather’s bad. Attachment; it’s overrated.

Harriet Tubman

Harriet Tubman

“I was the conductor of the Underground Railroad for eight years, and I can say what most conductors can’t say – I never ran my train off the track and I never lost a passenger.” – Harriet Tubman, Suffrage Convention, NY, 1896

Tubman is great inspiration to fight for what’s right, no matter the risk, and bring others along with you. Keep your eye fixed on the North Star.


Amelia Earhart

Amelia Earhart

“The most effective way to do it, is to do it” – Amelia Earhart

I mean she’s simply fearless – what an inspiration!  Plus this quote is simple, perfect and true.

Ruth Bader Ginsburg

Ruth Bader Ginsburg

“My mother told me to be a lady.  And for her that meant be your own person, be independent.” – Ruth Bader Ginsburg

RBG paved the way for women in so many ways.  She is an inspiration to be the first and a fighter.


An Upcycled Halloween

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Did you know at Elisabethan – we love Halloween! 🎃

There’s lots of ways to get in the spooky spirit and we personally enjoy the creative upcycling ones!  Whether you’re turning Dad’s old suit into a beetlejuice costume or filling that old flannel and jeans with straw to have the creepiest scarecrow on the block – we think Halloween is a great opportunity to give your old clothes new life!

Over the years, we’ve enjoyed making fun Halloween themed pieces!  There’s nothing better than finding a silly or spooky graphic tee in our raw materials bin.  We’ve gathered a collection of some new and old ‘bethan Halloween pieces.

Do you see one of yours?  Do you have a favorite?

Lil’ Pumpkin Go Kiddo Ruffle Dress Available Now

Spooky Fall Go Kiddo Ruffle Dress Available Now

Witchy Ways Cap Sleeve Dress Available Now

Jack-o-lantern Go Betty Tee

The Nightmare Before Christmas Go Betty Tee

The Friendly Monster Lil Betty Dress Available Now


Witchy Woman Button V Neck

Rock ‘n Skulls Block Party Top Available Now

Spiderwebs Go Betty 3/4 Sleeve Tee - XS

Spiderwebs Go Betty


Spider Go Betty 3/4 Sleeve Tee - S

Tiny Spider Go Betty

Happy Halloweenie!


Black Cat Love

Spooky Button V Neck

Skeleton Dance Button V Neck | 2015

Hoo Loves Halloween Button V Neck | 2015

Dracula Button V Neck | 2015

Suffrage Paraders, N.Y.

What Are You Wearing to the Polls?

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So, have you made a voting plan yet?

Have you checked your registration?  Do you know if you’re going to vote in person, by mail, by ballot dropbox?  How about the address of your polling station, postbox, ballot dropbox? When’s the earliest & latest date you can vote?  Do you know what you’re wearing to the polls?!

Okay okay, we know what you’re wearing isn’t the most important thing when it comes to voting this year but maybe you want to take a moment and think about it.  Have you ever asked your grandparents about voting years ago?  Many of them may tell you how they dresses to the nines to cast their vote.  There’s a history here you may not even be aware of…

Suffrage demonstration at Lafayette Statue

Suffrage demonstration at Lafayette Statue (to get the last vote in the Senate) before June 4 1919

If we take a look back to the early 1900’s woman were making political statements through their ensembles.  During the Suffrage

Mary Winsor (Penn.) 1917

Mary Winsor (Penn.) 1917

Movement you’ll notice three primary colors being worn at protests & marches – purple, white & gold.  Purple is to represent loyalty, white purity and gold is a nod to the campaigns of Susan B Anthony and Elizabeth Cady Stanton in Nebraska (in Britain they swapped gold for green, representing hope).

Many female protesters also know as suffragettes would wear a uniform of a long white dress with a purple & gold sash to events.  These uniforms made a striking image to say the least.  Later in the movement, suffragettes changed the uniform to be a more inclusive all white – this allowed participants of all economic background to participate, plus it pops in black and white photos.  (Of course during this incredible movement they made things such as their uniform MORE inclusive!)

Nation-wide demonstrations were held on May 2nd in support of Federal Amendment. Envoys from these demonstrations brought petitions to Washington on May 9th and carried them in procession to Congress from Lafayette Square. Five thousand women massed on and about the East Steps of the Capitol singing

This idea of the white uniform did not disappear after the ratification of the Nineteenth Amendment.  As women, we know our fight for equality was not and is not over.  You see white outfits appear in the 1970’s during the Civil Rights Movement.

We’ve seen suffrage white outfits throughout historical moments near and far.

In 1968, Shirley Chisholm, the first African American woman elected to congress

Shirley Chisholm 1971

Shirley Chisholm 1971

wore the uniform suffrage white during her victory night. Geraldine Ferraro embraced a suffrage white outfit for her acceptance speech as the first female Vice Presidential Nominee.  Hilary Clinton also donned white for her Presidential Nominee.  Alexandria OcasioCortez, the youngest female elected to congress, sported all white piece during her swearing-in ceremony and said “I wore all-white today to honor the women who paved the path before me, and for all the women yet to come. From suffragettes to Shirley Chisholm, I wouldn’t be here if it wasn’t for the mothers of the movement.”

As recent as during this current administations’ the State of the Unions address, many female lawmakers wore the iconic sufferage white uniform.  When asked, Rep. Lois Frankel (FL), chair of the House Democratic Women’s Working Group, stated the outfits were to “honor all those who came before us and send a message of

solidarity that we’re not going back on our hard-earned rights.”

I’ll surely wear an Elisabethan piece to the polls this year as it’s woman owned and ecofriendly.  I don’t own much white these days, but I think I’ll be wearing a combo purple, gold and green to fulfill this national duty of mine.

This year before casting my ballot, I’ll take a moment to recognize those who came before me and gave me this incredible privilege.  Susan B. Anthony, Elizabeth Cady Stanton, Shirley Chisholm, Geraldine Ferraro, Ruth Bader Ginsburg and so many more.

Thank you ladies.

Please vote.

Also, we’d like to note there are a few things you can NOT wear while voting dependent upon the state.  If you’d like to read more info on what not to wear – read CNN’s article here.

Marchers in Suffrage parade 1912

Marchers in Suffrage parade, 5/4/1912 – Miss Brannan & Mrs. John Rogers, Jr.

If you’d like to read more info here’s a couple articles we enjoyed:

History of Women Wearing Suffragette White by CR Fashion Book

Why Democratic Women Wore White at the State of The Union by The New York Times

Shirley Chisholm with Vice President Rockefeller 1975

Shirley Chisholm with Vice President Rockefeller 1975

RBG Inspires Me

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At Elisabethan, we’d like to take a moment and honor the incredible Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg.  She was a true trailblazer and a big inspiration to many of us here at Elisabethan.  Without RBG’s life’s work, we’re honestly not sure if Elisabethan would be the same today.

There are many ways RBG has impacted our daily lives.  We’d like to list just a few that some of us may remember while some of us may be learning this for the first time and trust me – your jaw is going to drop.

Look in your wallet.  Yup, that credit card with YOUR name on it – Ginsburg made that possible with the Equal Credit Opportunity Act of 1974.  Previously, married women would not be issued bank accounts or credit cards in their own name.  Just to put this in context, America sent a man to the moon before they decided it was ok for a married woman to have control of her own money.  The Equal Credit Opportunity Act allowed ALL people access to credit – this is huge for the financial independence of women!

There was a day (not too long ago) when you could face a jury of all men because women were considered optional.  Some states even argued that due to household and family duties, women should be exempt from juries.  Does that sound like a jury of YOUR peers?  In 1979, Ruth Bader Ginsburg fought to require women to be on jury – as their civic duties should be equal to that of a man.

In 1996, Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg led the 7-1 decision in the United States v. Virginia case requiring publicly funded colleges to admit both genders.  That’s not that long ago!  Again, for context – that’s when Elisabethan was started.

As a woman owned business and simply a business of all women we want to say – Thank you Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg for your inspirational leadership and incredibly impactful work.  We will continue to fight.

“So often in life, things that you regard as an impediment turn out to be great, good fortune.” ~ Supreme Court Justice Ruth Bader Ginsburg

To find information to help you register to vote visit Check to make sure your voter registration is up to date here. And please VOTE.

‘Bethan Stories – Vicki P.

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At Elisabethan, we’re not only proud of our products, we’re proud of our customers!  We’ve learned over the years that Elisabethan collectors are some truly incredible people.

This ‘Bethan Story is about the fabulous Vicki P. who projects positive messages in her work and wardrobe.  As the director of the Child Advocacy and Parenting Services, Vicki teaches a bullying prevention program (grades 3-6), a Happy Bear program (sexual abuse prevention to pre-school – 2nd grade) and parently classes.  

” Your clothes do help me do my job, as they are a visual reminder of what I am teaching–‘More love’, ‘Make a Difference’, ‘Build a Healthy World’ and ‘Be Kind’….When people may tire of listening to me, they will still get great messages from my (your) clothing! ” – Vicki. P.


Vicki has been a loyal fan and customer for years… we’re delighted that our clothing helps you make a difference.  Thank you Vicki for all of the positive work you’re doing.  Keep it up, we’re proud of you!

Vicki is one of the people we look forward to seeing at the Smoky Hill River Festival each June in Salina, KS. It’s one of the first shows we did way back when (we’ll tell you sometime about the first time- 1996?- rolling in to set up with a flat tire… the entire high school football team swarmed the Toyota van to fix it, AND help set up the booth!)

Elisabethan strives to make clothing that is “good” for the world.  Yes, our clothing is eco-friendly (98.6% of all materials are repurposed) but we’re going for more than that.  We aim to make pieces that spread positivity, love and remind you that YOU are one of a kind.  Stories like these make our hearts smile.

If you’d like to be featured in our ‘Bethan Stories series, please email us at

The era of masks…

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Hello friends –

How are you holding up through these trying times?
We hope you and yours are healthy, safe, and even sane as we face uncharted waters… steady on – we will get through this – with each other’s help…

Meanwhile, in the studio, who’d have thought our production & sewing skills would be needed in such a way?… but SO many things in the last few months have happened that none of us thought we would experience… so into uncharted waters we swim…

People asked us early on if we were going to make masks, and at first I said no – there are plenty of people already doing it… but that was early days; I was naive…

Then a fellow (woman) business owner in town, Jo Edmondson, approached me… her company, ShadeScapes, makes shade umbrellas, canopies, etc, that are sold worldwide, and she got the idea that their fabric might be a good resource for much needed PPE masks… she was right – and so Jo contacted our local hospital, Delta County Memorial Hospital to see if they had a need for masks that were just below the N95 rating…

They did.

And so she reached out to local companies like Elisabethan to see if they were interested in producing masks to protect the hospital staff, next other health care workers, and then other front line workers…

Yes. We were interested in making THOSE masks.

3000+ masks later… (numerous volunteers and at least 2? 3? other businesses jumped in to help) 1200+ of which we made – thank you Kathryn, Bob, Sam, Michelle, Mary, Karrah, Audrey, Denise!!!


I can’t get used to global pandemic being part of my everyday vocabulary but… it looks like we are going to be wearing masks for awhile… it’s going to be like underwear, as Dana, our social media guru said. And she’s usually right.

The CDC recommends wearing fabric masks; click HERE to see what they say about why to wear cloth face masks, and how to care for them… save the N95s for front liners…

So we are now offering masks made in our studio – from our fabric stash… and we may expand offerings depending on the response.  We just want to be part of the solution – limiting the spread of the virus, & keeping those most vulnerable safe till we have a vaccine.

It’s one day at a time… we’d love to hear what you are doing to get by & to be part of the solution…

We love you!
Elisabeth & crew


We Are With You

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We understand the current events are a little unnerving and we’d like to reach out to the Elisabethan Community to let you know WE ARE WITH YOU.

Let’s take this time we have been given and fill it with productivity and goodwill rather than worry.  Below are some suggestions on productive ways to occupy your time while supporting small businesses and the community.

1. Praise

Help a small business you know and love and write them an online review.  Trust us – it helps!  Google, Facebook, TripAdvisor, Yelp – wherever you feel fit.

2. Sew

Do you love sewing just as much as us?!  Spend some quality time with your machine and sew some masks for our Health Care Workers. Here’s a link for a mask pattern that’s been recommenced to us.

3. Freshen Up

Touch up your wardrobe!  Everyone has that favorite button up missing a button or pair of pants with the oil stain – ugh!   Take this moment to give your clothes the TLC they deserve.  These little touch ups allow your clothes to look better and last longer.

4. Create

Find those scraps and make a fun DIY Pompom with our easy to follow instructions.  These pompoms are loved by cats and humans of all ages!

5. Organize

We all go a little wild sometimes in our crafts station.  Finally take the time to reorganize your crafting area and supplies.

6. Shop

If you’re really bored, treat yourself to a little online shopping.  Try to support the little guys during these times.  Amazon is overwhelmed with orders – find a little mom ‘n pop online store and begin your retail therapy.

7. Reach Out

Check in with your relatives and neighbors to see if there is anything you can help them with while respecting social distancing.  Sometimes a nice phone convo may be just what they needed.

8. Be Kind

Remember, everyone is experiencing this in their own way — please be kind.

Show us how you’re making the most of this time by sharing your photos with us on Instagram @elisabethanco and Facebook @elisabethanco

Since you’ve gotten this far we think you deserve a little reward.  Here’s 15% off any one item with promo code: wearewithyou valid through April 1st (Online only. Not valid on custom pieces)

Oldschool Halloween Elisabethan Pieces

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Did you know there are ALOT of great halloween tee’s out there!?  We have LOTS of fun with them.

We love getting creative with the spooky, scary spirit of Halloween.  Here’s some of our oldschool Halloween pieces.

Do you see one of yours?!  Which is your favorite?

20 of 20 for 20

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Guess what! This year Elisabethan celebrates 20 years of providing recycled, reinvented & repurposed clothing for people just like you!


Since 1996, long before the eco-fashion revolution, Elisabethan’s founder and creator, Elisabeth Delehaunty, has been committed to making exceptional garments & goodies from all the post-consumer fabric she could get her paws on.

Even before 1996, Delehaunty was scouring thrift & vintage store for materials in her hometown of Worcester, Massachusetts… Ask her about her prom dress from 1989…

Elisabethan officially began in a teeny studio in Crested Butte, Colorado, with owner Delehaunty selling pieces at juried art fairs all across the U.S. In 2000, Elisabethan moved to Paonia, Colorado. Delehaunty eventually expanded to a larger studio & hired a hand-picked, dedicated team to help with the growing demand for Elisabethan.


20 years later, Elisabethan goodies have been found in over 100 stores nationwide. This spring we even opened up a flagship store, called Refinery. Refinery is located on Grand Avenue, only a short walk from the Elisabethan studio, in a 100-year old building that used to house Paonia’s library.

Now it’s your turn, what’s your ‘Bethan story? What’s your oldest Elisabethan piece? Where did you discover Elisabethan?
Over the next 20 days we will be featuring Elisabethan fans & friends — send us your story & we’ll enter you in a drawing for a pair of Woolly Gloves, just in time for this holiday season.

To submit your story, send a photo of you wearing Elisabethan with your ‘Bethan story via Facebook or email to Thanks!

To donate or not to donate…

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This article is a good reminder that even if your tees are too worn out for Elisabethan, it’s still worth donating them to thrift stores that can send them “downstream” to textile recyclers. Just ask if they do.
And as for what age group donates their clothing most, we see people of ALL ages donating clothing…how ’bout you?

Who is most likely to donate clothing?

HRC 2016

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We’re finishing up a batch of skirts for a very important customer… (hint: her initials are HRC)
We’ll share more details soon, but for now, here’s a photo of Sara getting the Tee Appliqué Skirts ready to ship to Philadelphia for a big event happening there this month!

#hrc2016 #presidentialpalette #nextfirst #madeinusa

Does Fashion matter?

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Interesting read about a thoughtful, motivated, savvy young woman who is looking at what a career in fashion means today, and what she is doing about it…

“I’m not even the same designer that I was. I think it’s for the better,” Luna said. “I don’t want to sound snobbish or something, but the idea of designing something that doesn’t really solve a problem to me right now is so unappealing.”  -Angela Luna

Click here to read the article: A Parsons Student Designed her Senior Thesis to help Syrian Refugees

…we call it Refinery

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So, we’ve been working on a new project, and if this is the first you’ve heard of it, we freely admit we are not great at self-promotion. We’ve teamed up with Allison McGuigan, former owner of Echo Consignments, and are opening a store.

Yes, a store. We call it Refinery. It’s at 138 Grand Avenue, Paonia, CO.

We had our official opening on Friday, May 13, 2016 —-it was a blast—-and now it’s full steam ahead!

IMG_2454Refinery- openingRefinery- balloons

It’s in the former Glennie Coombe Gallery, which carried Elisabethan for several years, in Paonia’s old library building, just a block away from our production studio. It’s a beautiful space to showcase our creations, and after selling our work all over the country, it’s something we’ve thought about doing for awhile… How ’bout a doing it in our own backyard?  And with Allison’s carefully curated resale fashions, as well as works by hand-picked artists, we think it will be an experience unlike any other.

And we want Refinery to be a place to bring your creativity! Stay tuned for workshops and “making” nights later in the summer/fall—Refinery is a work in progress… follow the story HERE

WEB refinery logo green

SLOW is the new black

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Good read… ‘bethan fans know a lot if this already, but we just want to keep spreading the word: slow fashion is where it’s at. In the words of Maxine Bedat, owner of Zady — Be an owner, not a consumer when it comes to clothing!



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RIP, David Bowie. 1/8/1947- 1/10/2016

One of my big influences as a kid…

Some really thoughtful comments from readers and some great stories of “Bowie sitings” on the streets of New York.

Watch that man.

Creative chaos

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Fall production is well underway and we can’t help but share some of the deep delicious colors we are working with… Here it’s RUFFLE TEE GLOVES—-we are making them with double ruffles now (at fingers AND wrist).  WE LOVE the creative chaos of combing colors!











The Mom of the Year

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We LOVE getting coverage from bloggers—-especially when they GUSH about us as much as Meredith Spidel at THE MOM OF THE YEAR does —

Take a look HERE — she’s really funny too! 

Thank you, Meredith!

(AND, we gave her a Ruffle Pippi Scarf to giveaway… details in her post)


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Need a little palette change from snowy WHITE (or around ‘bethan HQ, muddy BROWN)? Feast your eyes on these “coastal bright” Swish Skirts headed for A SHORE THING on Hilton Head Island, SC… don’t know why, but you need to click on the photo to REALLY see the colors…!

Who needs Vogue?

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Another milestone—-we’ve made the cover of a magazine!  Long time customer Allison Elliot models her Swish Skirt on the roof of the active & passive solar home she & her husband Hal built.  No it’s not Vogue, but in our mind it might be even better—we’re on the cover of Home Power!

homepower copy


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We are excited for MOUNTAIN HARVEST FESTIVAL this weekend in Paonia, Colorado. It’s such a wonderful event—celebrating all the farms, food, music, arts & crafts that are such a part of our community. ELISABETHAN is so lucky to be part of the cornucopia of creativity that is the North Fork Valley of the Gunnison
…and it sure is nice to get to set your booth up basically in your own back yard! Comes see us Saturday & Sunday, 11am-5pm, in Town Park!


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Ok, this is something we’ve been wanting to do for awhile, and we actually did the first one last week on our Facebook page…
We come across a lot of fun, goofy, silly, make-you-scratch-your-head t-shirts, so we’re starting a T-SHIRT TUESDAY post to share the best of our stash with you… Got any great ones you want to share?

Peggy Soup models this week’s TUESDAY T-SHIRT… She’s the only Unkempt Hippy we know that
                                    wears pearls!


10557450_10152401172290983_7704113335166024871_n10670264_10152401171955983_8480852757194496710_n 10622831_10152401172040983_7756453726264162343_n











                  Also, we need an adjective for T-SHIRT TUESDAY… terrific? tacky? terrible? Suggestions, please…

January 21

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I (as in Elisabeth, owner, founder, chief recycler of Elisabethan) had a wonderful birthday yesterday, and I spent most of it at the studio! I am lucky to work everyday on something that I created, and for the most part still challenges & fulfills me on a daily basis. And look at this cute b-day card Patty Naft created and posted on Facebook! Thanks, everybody!


We’re THERE, but not really there

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The Atlanta Gift Show that is… runs through January 14.  ELISABETHAN the clothing/accessory line is there, but not ELISABETHAN the personality.  We’re letting our Atlanta sales rep, Cathy at WINC Apparel handle the orders this time around.

Here’s the window we’ve got in the lobby of Building 3 at Americasmart…  See?  We’re THERE.

winc window copy

It’s a Wonderful Life

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Our own ASHLEY KREST takes the stage tonight as Violet Bick, in the LIVE radio play version of the holiday classic “It’s a Wonderful Life”.  Performed last year at Paonia’s Paradise Theater by Paonia Players, the show is produced & directed by Merrily Talbot. It was such a hit that the production has gone on the road this year for two performances in Montrose, CO, at the Montrose Pavilion.

Tonight and tomorrow, December 19 & 20, at 7 pm. Tickets available at BROWN PAPER TICKETS.COM

Break a leg, Ash!!!



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LOVE this Facebook post by Gregory who got a FALL APPLIQUE SKIRT for himself when he was visiting Paonia with the Creative Districts of Colorado!

a huge thank you to the creative geniuses at elisabethan for crafting the best skirt that i have ever owned. it is time for men to show off their legs. happy holidays and make re-purposing your resolution for the new year. the artists at elisabethan in gorgeous paonia will have you styling in no time. happy holidays. — at kadoya gallery.



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Congrats to all our ‘bethan retailers on SMALL BUSINESS SATURDAY—who needs Black Friday?  Shopping SMALL is a lot more fun…
And a special shout out to our friends at NEST in Clarksville, MD, for 10 years in business this year and KALY in West Chester, PA, for 25 years in biz this year… nothing SMALL about that!!

Mountain Harvest Festival

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Have you heard?  We made some special items for this weekend’s Mountain Harvest Festival in Paonia, CO.  Customized Pippi Long Scarves & aprons… They’ll be auctioned off in Town Park on Saturday, Sept 28.  And YES, we will have a booth there!

Mary in yellow apron

Friends in need…

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Hi friends—we learned last week that artist friends Leah & Scott DeCapio have lost everything due to the flooding of the Big Thompson River. They live in Glen Haven, outside Estes Park, CO. Many of us who pursue a creative life live close to the edge, & sometimes we are shown just how close that edge is… there is a fund set up for them at this link to & a compelling write-up about the kind of people they are… not that one needs to be deserving to receive help in a time like this, but I know Leah & Scott would go well out of their way (and do!) to help someone in need… Please help if you can.

xo ‘bethan

Take a look at Leah’s Facebook page HERE to see the gratitude & optimism with which they face even THIS challenge! And click HERE to see more of their work!

Below are some photos of Leah & Scott’s work and one of Leah & Pita being zip-lined to safety on Sept. 13.





559508_147854948719187_1593114469_n 528369_149803268524355_54240722_n



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I just had to share this photo of our fan Lee —- she bought the dress at our flash sale outside Glennie Coombe Gallery on Wednesday, and wore it on Thursday for the Fourth of July in Aspen.  Hope you are having a wonderful holiday weekend celebrating this crazy wonderful country we live in!



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I heard a story on NPR (where I get pretty much all of my news) before the holidays about Charlotte, NC’s airport and the major RECYCLING program they have instituted. Then, wouldn’t you know it, I actually changed planes in that VERY airport on Christmas day…  Their recycling cans were adequate, but hardly show-stopping.  I was a little surprised that they weren’t shouting from the rooftops about their recycling program BECAUSE they do all of the sorting AND they have worms turning the organic (food,etc) waste into compost! They even paired up with some church ladies to collect all the clothes travelers toss when they find out their bags are too heavy (maybe we need to get in on that!).

Anyhoo, here’s a link to the story and a photo of one of the recycling containers at Charlotte…







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Our latest TEE DRIVE with NEST in Clarksville, MD, raised $$$ for Success in Style, an organization that helps women (& men) in crisis become employed and self-sufficient. They provide appropriate business attire, practical fashion advice and interview counseling—–seems like a good fit, no? (pardon the pun)
THANKS to Anastasia & everyone that participated… (we got some fabulous tees!) 

Skinny Jeans – A Story for Small Biz Saturday

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Here’s the best ‘bethan Black Friday story in honor of Small Business Saturday (give or take a day or two)
This is Betty here—not Miss Kitty— I was in the MALL on Black Friday, partly because I wanted to see what all of the hullabaloo was about and partly because I have worn holes in the seats of TWO pairs of pants in the past week.  

Turns out Anthropologie is one of the only places you can buy pants other than skinny jeans (I don’t wear skinny jeans).  So I was shopping in Anthropologie and a woman asked me where I got my skirt (I was wearing an Elisabethan Vintage Applique Skirt).  She said she was hoping I got it there, because she wanted one.  

I said, why no, I make them!

Wow, she said, do you have a card?  Then as I turned fully around and she took a second look, she said, wait a minute—-do you sell them in Steamboat (Springs, CO)?!

I said, yep, at EMBELLISHMENTS.  She said, omigosh, I HAVE one—-but it doesn’t have polka dots. (Why shouldn’t the designer get first choice?!)

Now I wish I could say what happened next was that everyone within earshot started ooh-ing and aah-ing and the manager of the store came over and promptly got on the the phone to corporate and next thing I knew I had an order from Anthropologie for 50,000 Vintage Applique Skirts, but that’s not what happened.

I DID at least have a business card on me which I handed over—-it is SUCH a treat to meet someone who owns Elisabethan items, and I think it was a treat for that woman to meet the maker of her skirt. (If I were petty, I’d say that that’s probably never going to happen with an Anthropologie skirt —- good thing I’m not petty.)

And I DID get a new pair of pants, with no holes in them, that AREN’T skinny jeans!


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The 4th Annual District 81428 Fashion and Design Show is upon us…  dress rehearsal tonight, performance WEDNESDAY (9/26) at 8pm and FRIDAY (9/28) at 9pm.  Holey moley, tickets are sold OUT.  Here’s a peak at what Elisabethan will be showing…           1989 was a great year, wasn’t it?


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It’s like being back in school and having a paper due…

The 4th Annual District 81428 Fashion and Design Show is less than 2 weeks away and I have a LOT still to do. In my school days, I would do anything BUT work on a paper when I had one due — I’d clean my room, do laundry, sort my proverbial sock drawer and wait till the absolute last minute to do the one thing I REALLY needed to be doing. In high school, I’d even go to bed first… “If I go to bed now, and get up at 3am/4am/5am, I can still get it done”.

Well this weekend, I did laundry, weeded the yard, vacuumed the cat hair off the couch AND cleaned the studio (well, some of it — to do all of it is a MUCH bigger job). So it’s getting to be that down to the wire time — no choice BUT to pull everything together for the Fashion Show.

I like to think that maybe all the activity is more than just procrastination. It’s clearing the brain space, the work space, clearing ALL the decks so that I can devote ALL my focus to what is, after all, a big task.

But maybe this post is just more procrastination…

Here are a couple of pictures from the FaDS Designer Workshop this weekend. Click on the thumbnails to see the full image.  Once again, apologies for photos taken with an antique iPhone.