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Bring out your tees!

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Our friends at NEST in Clarksville, MD (they have carried Elisabethan in their store just about as long as anybody has) are having a T-SHIRT DRIVE this weekend for Elisabethan.  It’s something we’ve wanted to get going for awhile and are so glad Anastasia and her crew have stepped up!  Elisabethan will buy the tees that people bring into Nest, and Nest will donate that money to a non-profit group of their choosing… and t-shirt donors can free up some drawer space!

Nest Tee Drive

Fashion Week, Paonia II

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More pics from the fashion show…  Despite other designers opting for hipper, or at least more current music, ‘bethan models walked the runway to David Bowie’s “Sound & Vision”—you gotta stay true to your inspiration!  I’m still trying to run down some pics from Elisabethan on the runway, but at least you can see Regna modeling the our Designer Challenge…

Fashion Week, Paonia

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It’s time for the 3rd annual Fashion & Design Show at the Paradise Theatre in downtown Paonia, CO. This year’s title is “Stitching Together the Style & Beat of the North Fork Valley”. 7 designers, including yours truly, have been working fitfully, then frantically, on their runway-bound designs in what has become one of Paonia’s “must-see” events. Due to popular demand, the show runs TWO nights this year—last night was opening night.

NEW this year is the Designer Challenge: artistic director Regna Jones gathered discarded materials from area businesses & industry — from farms to mines to the local bike shop — paired designers up, & challenged them to make an outfit from these otherwise unwanted materials. I got paired with Karrah Aegerter of Trash’d Designs… we used a bird seed bag, landscaping fabric, bike hardware, film trailers, those plastic trays for starting seeds, goggles, & baling twine… Regna modeled the piece, titled “Hanna” for the film trailer we used. Four outfits were constructed, with liberal use of staplers in our case. All were surprisingly finished and compelling…
Here’s a few pics of ours (from iPhone, sorry!) while we were getting Regna dressed!

9am Saturday morning

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You know summer’s really on the way out when the Aspen Saturday Market starts at 9am (it’s 8am during summer’s high season). And as nice as an extra hour of sleep is (getting up at 5am instead of 4), it’s bittersweet… days are shorter, mornings chillier, the river’s too low for swimming.  So we’re bringing a few and I mean A FEW– of the brand new, much sought after TUNIC TOPS to help with the change of seasons.  See you tomorrow (that’s Saturday, Sept 10) at 9am, downtown Aspen, Colorado.


…and we’ll get a better pic of the tunic before the snow flies!

Before & after…

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I had good intentions to do pithy blog entries from the Atlanta & New York Gift shows in July & August, but it was all I could do just to get to the Elisabethan booth on time everyday… besides, none of the shows gives you FREE wifi access, so that made onsite updates a non-option for THIS thrifty exhibitor… Here are a few pics taken during set up…
pic 1–The entire 10’x10’booth (and most of the samples) fits into 2 sturdy shipping crates (even THESE are recycled from another company’s trade show set up)
pic 2–My favorite display within the display—cashmere/wool fingerless gloves arrayed around a vintage toy truck touting “Handmade in USA”
pic 3–A ruffle pippi scarf shown to good advantage on one of the “Ta-Ta Girls” (industry term for those black plastic body forms)


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These are a pair of pants that Virginia, a customer in Utah, asked me to alter for her.  I ran into her last summer at the Park City Festival of the Arts.  They are vintage Elisabethan—-ok, at least several years old anyway—-but she has kept them in mint condition.

Come on, humans!

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It’s Miss Kitty—-I got this blog thing going, hoping the humans could take it from there, and for awhile it seemed like they were… Lately, not so much.  I know they’ve been busy and all, but if I can find time between naps to post, surely they can… come on, humans!

Oh Atlanta

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Made it! —to Atlanta for the Atlanta Gift Mart, Jan 14-18. Schools, etc, here are still closed as Atlanta deals with all the ice left by the latest storm, but neither sleet, nor snow, nor gloom of night… how does that go? Well, none of it can keep ‘bethan from bringing its newest goods to market!

another take on Black Friday

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…as presented by Amy Satterfield, owner of Wadoo Furniture Co in Ft Collins, CO… yes, site of a recent Elisabethan trunk show!

Dear Preferred Customers—–

OK, I give. I cry Uncle. Wadoo is a retail store, and I should act more retail-y. I’ve avoided the Black Friday Sale Sensationalism for four years — just because it’s so early and intense and it hurts when people trample my head. But when I found out this morning that My Sister Knits — a clearly cool independent store like my own — is having a Black Friday sale, I read the tea leaves, the writing on the wall and the cards: Anybody who can run a succesful knitting business a mile and a half off the beaten path in a neighborhood of nice homes but absolutely no retail clearly knows what she’s doing, and if she’s doing a Black Friday Sale, then so am I, because my mama didn’t raise me to be a fool.

To make it simple, everything at Wadoo is 20 percent off on Black Friday. Same goes for Colorless Saturday (that way, you can spread yourselves out and avoid a stampede.)

So squeeze Wadoo into your Black Friday schedule: After your midnight shopping at Wal Mart, after your 3 a.m. online shopping at Amazon, and sure, after your 10 a.m. shopping at My Sister Knits. I’m willing to get in line behind those guys because I won’t open until 11, as usual, and because I’m voluntarily NOT opening until it’s my turn, which has been set by the Committee to Avoid Shopping Injuries for 11 a.m., so people can move through the stores on their Black Friday list in an orderly fashion that promotes good digestion. Incidentally, all other retail stores in the tri-county area and especially in Centerra and the Harmony Corridor, didn’t get an opening time until 6 p.m. on Black Friday giving you plenty of time to complete your Wadoo shopping before you even think about them. It’s very nice of all those stores to abide by their rather inconvenient opening times for the safety of our citizenry, and I don’t know how I got such a big slot — 11 to 6 — but I did, and that’s that. I never second guess a Committee.

20 percent off. Everything in the store. Black Friday and Colorless Saturday.


Happy shopping!


Betty & Miss Kitty

October morning

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On the way to the studio this morning…

I wore shorts & fingerless gloves—-it’s October!

The thermometer on the bank downtown said 45 deg F.

I found these great old peanut butter jars in the free box outside the thrift store on my alley.

I love that fat Peter Pan one. What to fill them all with…

Design Inspiration/Influence #2

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I am obsessed with this song!  First heard it driving in the car with my big brother—music always sounds better when you hear it with your big brother.  Now I play it every week on my radio show (The Go Betty Show, Mondays, 8-10am MT time on and LOUD in the studio.

Florence + the Machine — “You’ve Got the Love”

You might have to sit through a commercial for shoes—it’s worth it—but I recommend NOT watching the video—-just listen to the song


High visibility?

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…and speaking of BLOOMS, take a look at this video clip:  it’s Roberta Modena, founder of the website World of Green, on a local news segment in Pittsburgh, KDKA Channel 2.  She’s talking about eco-back to school stuff, but what’s really interesting to ‘bethan fanatics is her outfit: look closely at the pin she’s wearing.  Yep, that’s a genuine Elisabethan Bloomin’ Pin, sewn by our very own Bloom Specialist, Keaton.   I met Roberta at the New York Internat’l Gift Fair in August.  She was blown away by the Elisabethan booth, and asked if she could buy some samples to wear on an upcoming TV segment she had scheduled.  I said yes—she bought a Tee Applique Skirt too, but unfortunately, that silly table full of eco-products is in the way.  Oh well… the pin looks great, Roberta!

World of Green Founder wears Bloomin’ Pin

Design influence/inspiration #1

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Betty here, the “main human”  according to Miss Kitty — Saw this on my trip to the northeast—to New York for the NY Intern’l Gift Show, and then to Cape Cod for a little beach & family time. This was in a yard in Chatham, MA — the house was bright turquoise! Look closely to see all the different metal bits that make the flowers & “stems”. Don’t you just love it?? I do!