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‘Bethan Stories – Vicki P.

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At Elisabethan, we’re not only proud of our products, we’re proud of our customers!  We’ve learned over the years that Elisabethan collectors are some truly incredible people.

This ‘Bethan Story is about the fabulous Vicki P. who projects positive messages in her work and wardrobe.  As the director of the Child Advocacy and Parenting Services, Vicki teaches a bullying prevention program (grades 3-6), a Happy Bear program (sexual abuse prevention to pre-school – 2nd grade) and parently classes.  

” Your clothes do help me do my job, as they are a visual reminder of what I am teaching–‘More love’, ‘Make a Difference’, ‘Build a Healthy World’ and ‘Be Kind’….When people may tire of listening to me, they will still get great messages from my (your) clothing! ” – Vicki. P.


Vicki has been a loyal fan and customer for years… we’re delighted that our clothing helps you make a difference.  Thank you Vicki for all of the positive work you’re doing.  Keep it up, we’re proud of you!

Vicki is one of the people we look forward to seeing at the Smoky Hill River Festival each June in Salina, KS. It’s one of the first shows we did way back when (we’ll tell you sometime about the first time- 1996?- rolling in to set up with a flat tire… the entire high school football team swarmed the Toyota van to fix it, AND help set up the booth!)

Elisabethan strives to make clothing that is “good” for the world.  Yes, our clothing is eco-friendly (98.6% of all materials are repurposed) but we’re going for more than that.  We aim to make pieces that spread positivity, love and remind you that YOU are one of a kind.  Stories like these make our hearts smile.

If you’d like to be featured in our ‘Bethan Stories series, please email us at duds@elisabethan.com

The era of masks…

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Hello friends –

How are you holding up through these trying times?
We hope you and yours are healthy, safe, and even sane as we face uncharted waters… steady on – we will get through this – with each other’s help…

Meanwhile, in the studio, who’d have thought our production & sewing skills would be needed in such a way?… but SO many things in the last few months have happened that none of us thought we would experience… so into uncharted waters we swim…

People asked us early on if we were going to make masks, and at first I said no – there are plenty of people already doing it… but that was early days; I was naive…

Then a fellow (woman) business owner in town, Jo Edmondson, approached me… her company, ShadeScapes, makes shade umbrellas, canopies, etc, that are sold worldwide, and she got the idea that their fabric might be a good resource for much needed PPE masks… she was right – and so Jo contacted our local hospital, Delta County Memorial Hospital to see if they had a need for masks that were just below the N95 rating…

They did.

And so she reached out to local companies like Elisabethan to see if they were interested in producing masks to protect the hospital staff, next other health care workers, and then other front line workers…

Yes. We were interested in making THOSE masks.

3000+ masks later… (numerous volunteers and at least 2? 3? other businesses jumped in to help) 1200+ of which we made – thank you Kathryn, Bob, Sam, Michelle, Mary, Karrah, Audrey, Denise!!!


I can’t get used to global pandemic being part of my everyday vocabulary but… it looks like we are going to be wearing masks for awhile… it’s going to be like underwear, as Dana, our social media guru said. And she’s usually right.

The CDC recommends wearing fabric masks; click HERE to see what they say about why to wear cloth face masks, and how to care for them… save the N95s for front liners…

So we are now offering masks made in our studio – from our fabric stash… and we may expand offerings depending on the response.  We just want to be part of the solution – limiting the spread of the virus, & keeping those most vulnerable safe till we have a vaccine.

It’s one day at a time… we’d love to hear what you are doing to get by & to be part of the solution…

We love you!
Elisabeth & crew


85 Green Tips & Tricks – Happy Earth Day

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Happy 50th Earth Day Everyone!

As avid recyclers we are constantly looking for new ways to reduce our carbon footprint.  Over the years, we’ve come up with quite a few tips and tricks we believe help save this beautiful ball we call Earth.  We figured Earth Day was a perfect time to share our discoveries.  Some of these are obvious, some not so much.

We don’t expect you to pick up all of these habits.  But if you pick up a few green habits like these here and there you increase your positive impact!

Please let us know what YOU do to reduce your footprint on a daily basis.

  1. #2 Buy Eco-Conscious Clothing

    Learn Your Local Recycling Regulations – Make sure you know what you can and cannot recycle per your town/city regulations.

  2. Buy Eco-Conscious Clothing – There is a small but passionate group of us out there making clothing that not only is not bad for the environment – we’re helping it!  Show your support if you can.
  3. Make Your Own Veggie/Chicken Stock — Save up your veggies scraps or chicken bones in the freezer.  Once you have enough, simply boil them in water for a few hours, drain and voila – you’ve got stock!  Not only will you reduce packaging, but you’ll save some cash in the process.
  4. Switch to Cloth Napkins – Do this and instantly became a little classier.  Plus, with washable napkins you’ll never run out again.
  5. Borrow/Rent Fancy Clothing – No need to spend tons on a dress you’ll only wear once!  Borrow a dress from a friend or rent one for that fabulous night out.
  6. Dryer Balls – Use dryer balls to dry your clothes faster – get fancy add a lovely scent.  We love adding lavender.
  7. Ditch the Trash Bag for Recyclables – Honestly, you’re helping the recycling plant while doing this one as well.
  8. Buy Local – Think of all the fossil fuels that are used to bring a banana to your home.  Shopping local helps your reduce fossil fuel usage all while supporting your local community commerce.
  9. Hang Dry Your Clothes – A dryer is great and all but so is the Sun!

    #9 Hang Dry Clothing

  10. Think About What You Print – Do you really need that printout of directions or can you just use your phone?  The trees will thank you.
  11. Get Rid of the Ziplock Bags – TUPPERWARE IS AMAZING!  You can put anything in it!  Next time you reach for that little baggie, try Tupperware.  Once you’re in the habit you never go back (plus it saves you $$)
  12. Save the Cooking Water for Your Plants – Plants love water of all kinds!  They don’t care if you boiled some pasta in there, just make sure the water cools down before watering your houseplants.
  13. Use a Travel Mug – This helps in so many ways!  Your local coffee shop saves a money little on cups, you reduce your waste AND you’ll always know which coffee is yours.
  14.  Donate Old Appliances – You may be done with your blender, but it may be someone’s next kitchen treasure!  Find ethical donation centers near you and donate when you can.
  15. Go to the Carwash – This one may surprise you, but carwashes actually use LESS water than washing your ride at home.
  16. Go Paperless – Make your bills paperless and think of all the trees you’re saving.  You’re a hero!
  17. Don’t Use the Plastic Bags for Veggies/Fruits – Your Grandma did not put every vegetable in a separate bag and she survived.  Trust us, loose veggies & fruits are just as good as bagged ones
  18. Get a Bamboo Toothbrush – Everyone replaces their toothbrush multiple times a year.  Bamboo toothbrushes are biodegradable.  Make the switch and make a difference.
  19. #19 Bike to Work

    Bike to work — Not only are you saving gas, you’re getting your workout in!

  20. Recycle your Plastic Bags – Most grocery stores have a small bin at the entrance for you to recycle your bags.
  21. Donate Your Clothing – Don’t throw those clothes away.  There are many options of how to donate your old duds – find what works for you.
  22. Place Online Orders All at Once – Need a couple of things from your favorite online retailer?  Make a list and place the order all at once, this saves of shipping waste!
  23. Fix Your Leaky Faucet – Those little droplets add up.  A quick home improvement job will save gallons of water over the years.
  24. Plant and Herb & Veggie Garden – Growing your own food reduces packaging waste as well as fossil fuel usage – there’s no need to truck these veggies!
  25. Be Aware of Your Impact – simply being aware the impact you’re having on this earth helps you make the right eco-friendly decisions on a daily basis.  It makes a different.
  26. Reuse Packaging to Create Arts & Crafts with the Kiddos – Egg containers make great caterpillars – Boxes make great forts – Get creative.
  27. Print Double-Sided – This one change cuts your paper usage in half!
  28. Consider Refurbished Electronics – Help reduce global E-waste!  Refurbished products keep computers out of landfill – plus you can save some money. (This blog post is brought to you by a refurbished MacBook Pro & refurbished Acer Monitor 🙃)
  29. Go Microbead-less – Avoid face and body washes with microbeads.  These tiny plastic particles get into our ocean creatures’ bellies.
  30. Propagate Plants – Take a prop from a friend rather than buying a new one at the store.  Save money and packaging.

    #30 Prop for Friends

  31. DIY Green Cleaner – Make your own cleaning products with common household items.  You’ll save on packaging and money. Bonus: you’ll spread fewer chemicals in your home.
  32. Love the Tap – Tap water (in most places) is your best friend!  No need for those cumbersome plastic bottles.
  33. Eat Whole Fruit – It’s fresher and reduces packaging.
  34. Water Your Lawn Less – Try increasing the number of days between waterings.  If you’re remodeling your backyard, consider using native and drought resistant plants.
  35. Online Subscriptions – Switch that magazine or newspaper subscription to an online order.  Save those trees!
  36. You’ve Got a Dishwasher – Use It! – Dishwasher actually SAVE WATER compared to hand washing.  If you run only when full you’ll be sure to save water.
  37. Fix It! – If a gadget breaks, either get it fixed by a profession or try fixing it yourself before ordering a replacement.  You’ll be shocked what you can fix with YouTube!
  38. Reusable Water Bottles – Invest in a few – you may even find yourself drinking more water.
  39. Ditch the Doggie Bag – Bring your own tupperware for leftovers at restaurants.  You’ll be a trendsetter.
  40. LED Bulbs – Switch out your incandescent bulbs for more energy efficient LED lightbulbs.
  41. Run! – Why drive to the gym? Save the fuel and either bike or run to the gym or maybe even try a home workout.
  42. Put a Patch on It – Did your favorite article of clothing get a stain or hole.  Don’t fear, patches are here!  Give your clothes a new do with a beautiful patch.

    #42 Put A Patch On It!

  43. Scrap Paper – We all have those random notes, unimportant lists – scrap paper is perfect for these.
  44. Be One with the Toaster Oven – These bad boys use very little energy.  They’re a great option for reheating or even baking smaller meals.
  45. Insulate Your Home Properly – This one will save you money and aggravation for years to come. Keep that heat in.
  46. Remove the Junk in the Trunk – Don’t waste gas by lugging around a trunk o’ junk!
  47. Get an E-reader – These devices save on trees and clutter.
  48. Consider Solar – The sun is powerful – let’s utilize it.
  49. Don’t Copy, Scan – No need to fill your house with photocopies these days.  Scan those items to a hard drive and safe even more trees.
  50. Buy Used & Remade Items – One man’s trash is another man’s treasure.
  51. Get a Real Christmas Tree – Fake trees are made of all sorts of bad plastics and they’re almost all shipped from overseas.  Cutting your own tree IS eco-friendly.
  52. Build a Rain Collection Barrel – Rain barrels are great for watering plants, washing carts etc.
  53. Get Creative with Wrapping Paper – Newspapers, magazines, decorate a paper bag.  There are all sorts of ways to avoid wasteful wrapping paper.
  54. Wash Your Clothes in Cold Water – This still gets your clothes clean while saving energy.
  55. Invest in a Popcorn Popper – Get rid of all that packaging and go old school with a popcorn popper.
  56. Carpool – This one is an oldie but goodie.
  57. Freeze / Dehydrate Older Fruits & Veggies – No need to toss those over ripe apples.  Make a tasty snack for later by either freezing or dehydrating them.
  58. Donate Unwanted Pet Supplies to Local Animal Shelters – Help those puppies, kitties, bunnies all the animals!

    #58 Donate Pet Supplies to Animal Shelters

  59. Combine Errands – Reduce your errand runs to once per week and reduce your fuel usage.
  60. Turn Off the Lights – When you leave an empty room PLEASE turn off the lights.
  61. Check the Cap – Many caps on food and other containers are recyclable these days.  Make sure you’re looking for that triangle.
  62. Cook from Scratch – You’ll save on packaging plus it’ll taste better!
  63. Compost – Many cities offer composting – find out if yours does.  If not, it’s easy to build a little composting station in your backyard too.
  64. Get Lunch Tupperware – No need for plastic baggies if you have a simple lunch container.
  65. Consider a Local Vacation – There are amazing places all over the world – try finding a fun “no-fly” vacation near you and cutback on fuel usage.
  66.  Plan Your Meals – Meal planning reduces trips to the grocery store – you’ll reduce your fuel, packaging and money.
  67. Donate Bubble Wrap – Find a local business who can reuse your bubble wrap and other packing materials.
  68. Get a High Efficiency Washer & Dryer – Save on energy and water.
  69. Know What Your City Offers – Many cities offer special seasonal recycling – check to see if your city has leaf, Christmas tree or pumpkin disposal sites.
  70. Borrow Don’t Buy – Are you only going to use that crowbar once?  Ask a friend or neighbor if you could borrow their rather than running to the store.  Less stuff is better – trust us.
  71. Craft with Scraps – Don’t under-estimate your scraps – you can make fun things big and small with them.

    #71 Craft with Scraps

  72. Reduce Your Shower Time – This trick saves water while giving you healthier skin.
  73. Don’t Be Afraid of the Ugly Fruits & Veggies – They taste just the same, help keep food out of landfills.
  74. Avoid Fast Fashion – Do a little research into the companies you’re wearing.  Are they helping or hurting the environment?  Fast Fashion companies contribute to the 3rd most pollutive industry in the world.
  75. Shop at Container Free Stores – If you’re lucky enough to have a container free store near you try and support them when possible.
  76. Refuse the Straw – If you must have a straw, invest in a steel straw and bring your own.  We don’t need any more plastic straws in the oceans.
  77. Reuse your Ziplock & Plastic Bags – Rolls, breads, bagels – they usually come in a plastic bag.  Don’t be afraid to reuse that bag to store other food items.  Ziplock bags can also be reused 🙂
  78. Turn of the Sink – When brushing your teeth or washing your face.  Save it for when we really need it.
  79. Know Your Numbers – Different places accept different numbers when it comes to recycling.  Make sure you know everything that can be accepted.
  80. Cook with Residual Heat – Turning off your oven a little early won’t affect your meal but it will lower your energy bill.
  81. Buy Less – It is as simple as it sounds.  The less we buy, the less stuff there will be in this world.  That means less waste down the line.  Try buying less – it’s not too hard.
  82. Avoid Single Serving Foods – Single serve products create much more waste and are typically more expensive.
  83. Get Rechargeable Batteries – Dead batteries are so bad for the environment, invest in reusable ones and stop throwing away dead batteries for good.
  84. Cut Back on Meat – If you eat just a little less meat per week, you’re helping the environment.
  85. Wash Clothes Less – You can re-wear that top, trust us.  Not only will this reduce your laundry, but your clothes will last longer.

DIY Pompom Pattern

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The good thing about staying home these days is there’s lots of free time for our favorite activity, crafting!  We are always looking for new ways to utilize scraps here at Elisabethan, and our DIY pompom is a perfect way to use those smaller scraps.  These pompoms are easy and fun for both kids and adults.  So go ahead and make pompoms galore and brighten up your day!

What will your pompoms look like?!  Please take a photo and share with us on facebook 🙂

What You’ll Need:

Cardboard/Paper (Cereal boxes work great!)

Make a pattern piece (Examples below) and cut out pattern.

Trace pattern onto fabric.

  • If using T-shirt material you will need 18-20 cutouts.
  • If using sweater or thicker material you will need 10-12 cutouts.

Cut out your cutouts – They do not need to be perfect.

Cut one 1″ wide by 12″ long strip per ornament – stretch it (pull ends) – save for later.

Fold cutout in half and cut two 1/4″ slits approximately 1/2″ apart at center.  Repeat this step for each cutout.

Fold piece in half to line the slits up with each other.  Feed the cutouts onto your strip one at a time.

Tightly center all of the cutout in the middle.

Tie the bundle together tightly over folds.  Tie once more to secure.

Viola! Pompom Ornament!

Tie a loop knot at the end of the strip.

Now it’s time to hang your new Pompom!  Where is your’s going?


We Are With You

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We understand the current events are a little unnerving and we’d like to reach out to the Elisabethan Community to let you know WE ARE WITH YOU.

Let’s take this time we have been given and fill it with productivity and goodwill rather than worry.  Below are some suggestions on productive ways to occupy your time while supporting small businesses and the community.

1. Praise

Help a small business you know and love and write them an online review.  Trust us – it helps!  Google, Facebook, TripAdvisor, Yelp – wherever you feel fit.

2. Sew

Do you love sewing just as much as us?!  Spend some quality time with your machine and sew some masks for our Health Care Workers. Here’s a link for a mask pattern that’s been recommenced to us.

3. Freshen Up

Touch up your wardrobe!  Everyone has that favorite button up missing a button or pair of pants with the oil stain – ugh!   Take this moment to give your clothes the TLC they deserve.  These little touch ups allow your clothes to look better and last longer.

4. Create

Find those scraps and make a fun DIY Pompom with our easy to follow instructions.  These pompoms are loved by cats and humans of all ages!

5. Organize

We all go a little wild sometimes in our crafts station.  Finally take the time to reorganize your crafting area and supplies.

6. Shop

If you’re really bored, treat yourself to a little online shopping.  Try to support the little guys during these times.  Amazon is overwhelmed with orders – find a little mom ‘n pop online store and begin your retail therapy.

7. Reach Out

Check in with your relatives and neighbors to see if there is anything you can help them with while respecting social distancing.  Sometimes a nice phone convo may be just what they needed.

8. Be Kind

Remember, everyone is experiencing this in their own way — please be kind.

Show us how you’re making the most of this time by sharing your photos with us on Instagram @elisabethanco and Facebook @elisabethanco

Since you’ve gotten this far we think you deserve a little reward.  Here’s 15% off any one item with promo code: wearewithyou valid through April 1st (Online only. Not valid on custom pieces)

Oldschool Halloween Elisabethan Pieces

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Did you know there are ALOT of great halloween tee’s out there!?  We have LOTS of fun with them.

We love getting creative with the spooky, scary spirit of Halloween.  Here’s some of our oldschool Halloween pieces.

Do you see one of yours?!  Which is your favorite?

NPR’s Fresh Air Episode about Waste & Recycling

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Terry Gross continues to show up with Fresh Air’s Episode: ‘Waste’ Exampines the Global and Local Afterlife of Recyclables

Environmental scientist Kate O’Neill discusses recycling and the global politics of waste. “Once you throw something away, you’ve got to think about where’s it going to go next,” she says.

O’Neill brings up great points such as

Do you know where your recycling or waste is going?

Are you aware of which plastics are easiest to recycle?  (Psstt — #1 and #2 recyclables are the easiest plastics to recycle if cleaned correctly)

China’s no longer imporing our recyclables — now what?!

We learn a bunch of new important information in this interview — for example the easiest plastics to recycle — who knew?!  This conversation drives us to be better consumers, recyclers, and humans.  The fact that 95% of Ghana’s e-waste is repurposed, repaired recycled etc. is motivating!  We will continue to strive to repurpose what we can and limit our waste.  Listen to this episode and inspired to pay a little closer attention.

Listen to Fresh Air’s Episode: Waste…

Summertime Festival Fun

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It’s summertime, which for Elisabethan means it’s time for art fairs & farmers’ markets!

These girls are escaping the heat on a muggy afternoon in Carbondale, CO, during the Mountain Fair by hiding in our rack of 8-Piece skirts. We had rainy weather on Saturday followed by high temperatures on Sunday, which made for a hot and humid afternoon. Fortunately, the grass stayed cool; these girls had the right idea!

Our girls’ dresses are a big hit at fairs. The fun, colorful, soft nature of our clothing lends itself well to kiddo apparel. Kids know a good thing when they feel it. Some folks have been buying Elisabethan girls dresses for years in a row. It’s a summertime ritual to find the Elisabethan booth and buy their dress for the year. This summer we sold so many girls dresses that we needed to make another batch mid-summer.

This family bought an Elisabethan piece for all three kids. They all look great, but the little girl in the dancing bears dress melts our hearts!



Is there a little girl in your life who needs a new girls dress? Shop here 🙂

It doesn’t matter if you’re big or small, summer art fairs & markets are a great way to get out and support local artisans. Many artists travel all over the country during the summer months to sell their wares and share their artwork. Your support helps them keep their small businesses going and keep pursuing their artistic passions.

At Elisabethan we use art markets to reach a broader audience and teach people about eco-fashion. People light up when they realize that their new purchase came from previously loved tee shirts. This unique way of making clothing insures that our clothing is super soft, previously shrunk, one-of-a-kind, and ecologically sustainable.

As our customer, you are helping transform the textile industry -one garment at a time- by supporting handmade eco fashion.

Where can you find Elisabethan next?

Find us at Art in the High Desert in Bend, Oregon, August 23-25,
Crested Butte Art Market in Crested Butte, CO, September 1
and at the Cottonwood Art Festival in Richardson, Texas, October 5-6.

Thanks for all the support this summer – we look forward to seeing you out & about!!


New Elisabethan Accessories and Goodies!

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We’ve added  a bunch of new goodies this year.  Need a make-up bag or pencil pouch?  Pick up one of our new Zipper Pouches.

Our hand made buttons are made with vintage fabrics and love.  They’re make a great accent piece to any article or clothing or accessory.  Buy our Elisabethan handmade fabric buttons today!

Your everyday bag is here with the Gal Friday Tote Bags.  Theyr’e made from oxford shirts and come with a handy pocket!

Looking for a change pouch or handphone case?  Our button pouches are made of all recycled materials (Cassette tape not included🤘)

BBC speaks the truth behind the fashion industry

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Did you catch that?  Each year, over 100 BILLION items of clothing are produced globally.  3 out of 5 items end up in a landfill within 12 months.  That’s approximately 60 BILLION items of clothing that go in the trash after just a year from the initial purchase.  What a waste!

BBC Earth has done an incredible job of revelling the truth behind the pollution and effect the fashion industry has on our planet.  The industry’s habit for fast fashion has pushed many animals close to exstinction and has polluted our air and water.

This reminds us that we not only need a healthy planet for our survival but for our everyday inspiraiton.  Where would the fashion, technology, design, you name it industry be without the influence and knowledge aquired from nature?

We can make a change!  When you purchase an Elisabethan piece you are making a choice to support a healthy planet – and you get a flattering piece out of it too 😉

Elisabethan stands with BBC Earth and their mission to combat fast fashion.  We are happy to take the #SustainableMe pledge….will you join us?

I(we) pledge to…

Consider every purchase

Avoid fast fashion

Buy quality and consume less

Recycle and repurpose my clothes

Repair my clothing and footwear

New Year, New Look

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That’s right folks, it’s 2019 and we’re happy to announce Elisabethan’s new website!  This website is faster, easy to navigate and fully loaded with brand new Elisabethan pieces!

If you’re a long-time ‘bethan fan you’ll notice the new website is all Get What You See items.  You’ll also find a new style, Shop Kitty!  Our Shop Kitty Line includes pieces that designer Elisabeth Delehaunty selects to “trick out”.

Unlike our Elisabethan pieces, that are constructed from scratch using reclaimed fabrics, in Shop Kitty Beth embellishes existing garments that arrive via our raw materials stream. It gives her an opportunity to be more creative with appliques and other special details. These are truly one of a kind pieces!

Have no fear, if you don’t see what you’re looking for please call or email us and we’ll be happy to find the perfect piece for you!

Not only have we been working behind the scenes on the new website — we’ve been working on new designs, accessories, and other fun goodies.  This is going to be a big year for Elisabethan stay in the loop by signing up for our newsletter and following us on facebook and instagram.

We cannot wait to show you what we’ve got!

6 Ways to Make Your Halloween Green

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There’s no question, Halloween is one of the highlights of Fall.  Take a spooky fall evening, add sweets and top it with creative costumes and you’ve got a great holiday.  Unfortunately, you also have a day that produces a bunch of waste (food/candy wrappers, low-quality costumes, accessories, plastic bags, etc).  That’s why Elisabethan wants to offer a few tips on how to make your Halloween green!


Go Oldschool – Use a Pillowcase

There’s no need for your little goblins and ghosts to use plastic to collect candy – go oldschool and use a pillowcase.  There are also plenty of other options – tote bags, backpacks, reusable grocery bags, lunchboxes all work great too.  Take it to the next level and make your own.


Give Out Eco-Friendly Candies

Sweets and treats are a big part of Halloween – but with them often come excessive wrappers.  Chose to distribute candies from a company that gives back to planet Earth.  Here are a few that have less of an impact than your typical individually wrapped treats:  YumEarth (Sustainable Packaging), Go Organic Fruit Chews (Compostable Packaging), or Glee Gum (Partners to plant trees).


Save the Seeds!

Pumpkin Seeds are a delicious and a nutritional powerhouse!  Make them salty or sweet, you can’t go wrong when you cook your pumpkin seeds.  There are plenty of recipes.


Get Creative and Make Your Own Costumes!

We all know the best costumes are homemade.  Take some time, get creative and make a costume from clothing you either already have, borrowed from a friend or got at a resale clothing store.  By making your own costume, rather than buying a generic costume (you may never wear again), not only do you help the environment but you’re not limited to what’s in stock.  Don’t forget – homemade costumes always win the costume contests!


Bundle Up and Take a Walk

Trick-or-treating isn’t an errand, so don’t treat it like one!  Bundle up yourself and your crew and hit the pavement, enjoy the night while strolling around the neighborhood with your family.  Walking instead of driving to trick-or-trick is a BIG way you can make your Halloween greener.  And let’s be honest, the candy isn’t just for the kiddos – walking is a great way to get a little extra exercise for those extra calories.


Compost Your Jack-o-Lantern

Make the most of your jack-o-lantern by adding it to your compost.  Pumpkins compost quickly and will create fertile soil for next year.  Remember it’s important to remove the seeds and smash the pumpkin into multiple pieces – this part is fun!

**Make sure you DO NOT compost pumpkins with toxic or plastic decorations (Paint, glitter etc.)**

If you don’t have a compost bin, simply dig a hole in your garden bed or yard, place the pumpkin in hole, and cover with dirt.  If you do not have a yard, most communities have dropoff locations after the holiday.

Thanks for taking the time to make your Halloween more sustainable.  Have a fun and safe Halloween!  Boo!

10 Things You Didn’t Know You Can Recycle

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Happy Earth Day!  At Elisabethan, we try to live every day like it’s Earth Day and we wanted to tell you about items you probably didn’t even know you could recycle.  Not only that, we wanted to teach you HOW to recycle these items.

1. Athletic Shoes

There are plenty of organizations that take athletic shoe donations.  MORE accepts gently worn shoes.  The shoes are then sold in major metro areas to vendors who in turn create jobs and help improve the quality of life in cities. The proceeds from the sale of the shoes provides training and tools to the poorest rural farmers.  Soles4Souls is another organization that takes shoe donations.  Their mission is to create sustainable jobs and provide relief through the distribution of shoes and clothing around the world.

2. Holiday Lights

Those holiday lights sure look pretty but they don’t last forever – what should you do with them once they finally kick the dust?  Donate them to HolidayLEDS, who recycles your lights and even sends you a 15% off coupon.

3. Bras

Yes, we said bras, you can recycle bras!  The Bra Recyclers is leading bra recycling company that has partnered with Ambassadors around the world to recycle over 1 million bras and support over 80 non profit organizations.  Their purpose is to ignite a ‘Bra-volution’ to decrease the number of bras entering our landfills, while providing substantial social benefits to women and girls in need.

4. Batteries

Batteries contain heavy metals which can poison the soil and water in landfills.  You’re able to recycle batteries by mail with BatterySolutions.  Or stop at stores such as Ikea and Staples which have recycling programs for batteries and other items like ink cartridges and more.

5. Eyeglasses

In just about any home, one can find a pair of eyeglasses that are no longer being used. That same pair of eyeglasses can change another person’s life.  Lions Club accepts donations of glasses of all types.  These glasses are then cleaned, sorted and distributed to people in need in low and middle income communities where they will have the greatest impact.

6. Greeting Cards

Everyone loves getting a greeting card and St. Jude’s Ranch for Children has made them eco-friendly.  St. Jude’s Ranch for Children recycles your used greeting cards and creates new holiday and all-occasion greeting cards. Recycled cards are sold to support our programs and services for abused, neglected and homeless children, young adults and families.

7. Keys

Each year In the United States alone, millions of keys become lost or obsolete and are then thrown away.  The Key For Hope Foundation is a non-profit organization that collects such keys are weighed and sold recycling centers as scrap metal.  The profits are used to fill the food pantries and help the hungry. It doesn’t have to stop at keys! Other metals that can be scrapped can be donated as well, such as lock systems, copper, and all other metal items.

8. Sporting Equipment

Kids outgrow sporting goods so quickly it’s hard to keep up.  There are various places that accept sporting equipment and put it back out into the athletic world, one of which is Play It Again Sports.  In fact, Play It Again Sports will buy or trade equipment with you.

9. Packaging Materials

Packaging materials are often necessary but once they’ve done their job they seem like a waste.  Well waste no more!  There are various ways to recycle packaging materials the Plastic Loose Fill Council and the EPS Industry Alliance are great resources to find recycling locations.  Another option is to reach out to small business owners to see if they could reuse your packing peanuts.

10. Crayons

The National Crayon Recycle Program takes unwanted, rejected, broken crayons to a better place, where they will be recycled into new crayons!  This “recycling” education, community service has made it possible to stop more than 112,000 pounds of unwanted crayons from going into landfills with the help from schools, organization educators and kids across this country.

We Trust Trusted Clothes – And They Trust Us!

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We recently had a great chat with the people of Trusted Clothing, an organization working on promoting ethical, sustainable and healthy fashion (how awesome?!).

Trusted Clothing asked us many meaningful questions such as:

What makes slow fashion better than fast fashion?

Click here to find out our answer and read the full interview.

Want more info on Elisabethan and founder Elisabeth Delehaunty?

Check out this lovely article by Tamie Meck of the Delta County Independent.  You may even get a peak of the the dress Elisabeth Delehaunty made for her senior prom!



Photo shoot

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We are getting ready for our first photo shoot of 2017… we’re kind of excited because we are teaming up with fellow eco-fashion designer Sarah Peterson of Threads & Alchemy and will being doing the shoot on-site in a couple of our hometown locales here in Paonia, CO… stay tuned for photos from it. In the meantime, here are some photos of new items we are adding to Elisabethan in 2017!

These images by Cole Rodger Photographics… they make us look good.

The classic Go Betty Tee continues to be a favorite, so we were inspired to turn it into a dress…

And expanding our dress offerings with the Tiered, Reverse-Applique Dress… We’re doing it in a shorter length too

Hilary’s ‘Bethan Story

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Happy New Year Everyone! We wanted to start off this year by sharing a great ‘Bethan Story shared by the lovely Hilary. Enjoy!

I bought my first Elisabethan wardrobe staple 11 years ago!!! It was 2005. I had just moved to Paonia, the surprise town with everything. After a long winter Friday, some fellow co-workers at High Country News gathered each other up and headed in the bitter cold to the dark end of Grand Avenue for a sale event at a local clothing shop. I had no idea what to expect.

It was unlike anything I’d ever seen! Wide-eyed, I walked around the old building lined with endless colorful stacks of fabric, gazing with glee until I found a rack of jean skirts. That might sound kinda humdrum, but these were the coolest, most fun, creative, and fashionable jean skirts I had ever seen. They were A-line and hit just below the knee. They had been skillfully patched together from different pairs of jeans and adorned with the most whimsical fabric flowers and geometric shapes and buttons.

I sifted through the rack and found my FAVORITE SKIRT OF ALL TIME. A one-of-a-kind creation, it was just my size. That skirt has since lived in Seattle, Santa Barbara, and Portland, where I could always count on it to garner compliments from fellow artful clothing aficionados. Now it’s back home in Paonia, in good shape after all these years.

With that skirt I was hooked, and I developed a habit of saving to buy Elisabethan duds as often as I could. It’s been a fun ride to watch Beth’s creations evolve, and to amass my own small collection of her head-turning, über comfortable, and long-lasting skirts, shirts, scarves, and fingerless gloves. Keep ‘em coming, Beth!

Betsy & Susie’s ‘Bethan Stories

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Betsy and Susie are two of our favorite Paonia locals.  They are both strong, bright women with an impeccable sense of fashion.

Here are their ‘Bethan Stories which we thought you’d enjoy.

Betsy M.

Betsy M. 'Bethan Story

“I was in the ladies room at Grand Junction’s airport wearing an Elisabethan skirt with the kick pleats on each side — blue, a louder blue, a plaid — and a woman of a certain age told me, ‘I love your skirt; it would look so great on my daughter!’ So I had to tell her that ‘You know, it might look good on you, too…'”

Susie C.

“Soon after we bought our house in Paonia in 2006, our son and his fiancée (now wife) came to visit after attending Telluride Bluegrass [Festival]. They brought me this tee for my birthday and he said “Mom, the woman who made this used to live in your house!”

Since then, I’ve been lucky enough to acquire many more tees, six skirts, three scarves, one pair of gloves and a hat.  I’m wearing my newest, a Shopkitty upcycled sweater. I’ve also given quite a few Elisabethans to the grandkids. But most importantly, Beth has become a dear friend.”

Thanks for sharing your ‘Bethan Stories ladies, we love hearing them!

Have a ‘Bethan Story of your own? We want to hear it! Share your story with us via Facebook or send an email to duds@wiredrightwebdesign.com

Judy’s ‘Bethan Story

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We were so inspired by Judy‘s story we thought we’d share a little more, so here it is:
“I had a mastectomy in 2011 and since I did not have reconstruction, I used the Pip scarves as a means of transforming my chest into a more attractive appearance, shall we say.  People loved them.  I found your scarves to be a real pick me up after my surgery when I was getting used to have a flat side.”
Judy looking fabulous sporting a Pip Scarf
The New York Times recently ran a feature article, Going Flat’ After Breast Cancer, discussing women who decided against reconstructive surgery after a mastectomy.  Many women are opting out of reconstructive surgery due to the risk of complications and instead are embracing their flat chests.  Some women use tattoos, necklaces and/or scarves to decorate their chest.  
Judy decided to go with the latter, “…I used your [Elisabethan] scarves which I wore with everything. People loved them, the colors the vibrancy and they worked very well. I didn’t feel self conscious and they didn’t feel uncomfortable staring at someones chest. Today, who cares actually because we see so many people missing part of themselves. However I still wear my scarves and I also have a collection of baseball type caps in all kinds of wild designs from Florida and Hawaiian fabrics to plain which I pair up with my scarves.”
Judy and son Jim, a former green beret, who was diagnosed with ALS when he was 32. Jim is now 51, this is one strong family!
Judy and son Jim, a former green beret, who was diagnosed with ALS when he was 32.  Jim is now 51, this is one strong family!
We here at Elisabethan admire Judy‘s spirit and beauty and are happy to be a part of the story.  Elisabethan supports bold women, and Judy is a fine example of one.  YOU GO JUDY!
If you or someone you know connects with Judy‘s story, here are a few resources to connect with a similar community:

20 of 20 for 20

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Guess what! This year Elisabethan celebrates 20 years of providing recycled, reinvented & repurposed clothing for people just like you!


Since 1996, long before the eco-fashion revolution, Elisabethan’s founder and creator, Elisabeth Delehaunty, has been committed to making exceptional garments & goodies from all the post-consumer fabric she could get her paws on.

Even before 1996, Delehaunty was scouring thrift & vintage store for materials in her hometown of Worcester, Massachusetts… Ask her about her prom dress from 1989…

Elisabethan officially began in a teeny studio in Crested Butte, Colorado, with owner Delehaunty selling pieces at juried art fairs all across the U.S. In 2000, Elisabethan moved to Paonia, Colorado. Delehaunty eventually expanded to a larger studio & hired a hand-picked, dedicated team to help with the growing demand for Elisabethan.


20 years later, Elisabethan goodies have been found in over 100 stores nationwide. This spring we even opened up a flagship store, called Refinery. Refinery is located on Grand Avenue, only a short walk from the Elisabethan studio, in a 100-year old building that used to house Paonia’s library.

Now it’s your turn, what’s your ‘Bethan story? What’s your oldest Elisabethan piece? Where did you discover Elisabethan?
Over the next 20 days we will be featuring Elisabethan fans & friends — send us your story & we’ll enter you in a drawing for a pair of Woolly Gloves, just in time for this holiday season.

To submit your story, send a photo of you wearing Elisabethan with your ‘Bethan story via Facebook or email to duds@wiredrightwebdesign.com. Thanks!

To donate or not to donate…

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This article is a good reminder that even if your tees are too worn out for Elisabethan, it’s still worth donating them to thrift stores that can send them “downstream” to textile recyclers. Just ask if they do.
And as for what age group donates their clothing most, we see people of ALL ages donating clothing…how ’bout you?

Who is most likely to donate clothing?

HRC 2016

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We’re finishing up a batch of skirts for a very important customer… (hint: her initials are HRC)
We’ll share more details soon, but for now, here’s a photo of Sara getting the Tee Appliqué Skirts ready to ship to Philadelphia for a big event happening there this month!

#hrc2016 #presidentialpalette #nextfirst #madeinusa

Does Fashion matter?

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Interesting read about a thoughtful, motivated, savvy young woman who is looking at what a career in fashion means today, and what she is doing about it…

“I’m not even the same designer that I was. I think it’s for the better,” Luna said. “I don’t want to sound snobbish or something, but the idea of designing something that doesn’t really solve a problem to me right now is so unappealing.”  -Angela Luna

Click here to read the article: A Parsons Student Designed her Senior Thesis to help Syrian Refugees

…we call it Refinery

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So, we’ve been working on a new project, and if this is the first you’ve heard of it, we freely admit we are not great at self-promotion. We’ve teamed up with Allison McGuigan, former owner of Echo Consignments, and are opening a store.

Yes, a store. We call it Refinery. It’s at 138 Grand Avenue, Paonia, CO.

We had our official opening on Friday, May 13, 2016 —-it was a blast—-and now it’s full steam ahead!

IMG_2454Refinery- openingRefinery- balloons

It’s in the former Glennie Coombe Gallery, which carried Elisabethan for several years, in Paonia’s old library building, just a block away from our production studio. It’s a beautiful space to showcase our creations, and after selling our work all over the country, it’s something we’ve thought about doing for awhile… How ’bout a doing it in our own backyard?  And with Allison’s carefully curated resale fashions, as well as works by hand-picked artists, we think it will be an experience unlike any other.

And we want Refinery to be a place to bring your creativity! Stay tuned for workshops and “making” nights later in the summer/fall—Refinery is a work in progress… follow the story HERE

WEB refinery logo green

SLOW is the new black

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Good read… ‘bethan fans know a lot if this already, but we just want to keep spreading the word: slow fashion is where it’s at. In the words of Maxine Bedat, owner of Zady — Be an owner, not a consumer when it comes to clothing!




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RIP, David Bowie. 1/8/1947- 1/10/2016

One of my big influences as a kid… 


Some really thoughtful comments from readers and some great stories of “Bowie sitings” on the streets of New York.

Watch that man.


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We are excited to share news from one of our newer accounts, PanTerra Gallery in Bisbee, AZ… It’s time for their week long Celebration of Art to Wear, which started Saturday November 21st and runs through November 28th. They will be featuring one-of-a-kind and limited edition Wearable Art from current and new designers. We can spot at least one Elisabethan item in the collage of wearables… can you??



Creative chaos

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Fall production is well underway and we can’t help but share some of the deep delicious colors we are working with… Here it’s RUFFLE TEE GLOVES—-we are making them with double ruffles now (at fingers AND wrist).  WE LOVE the creative chaos of combing colors!












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Good news! We got OFF the wait list and IN to Art Fair Jackson Hole — July 10-12, 2015. We never take for granted that we will get into these competitive shows, and this one is a definite favorite for us.  SO glad that we will be there and get to see our Teton-loving peeps!




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Our May event is starting (but only starting) to rival our big Holiday Sale in December… this one promises to be extra fun with a few creative friends bringing MAKING supplies from their stashes… in addition, of course, to LOTS  of great clothing for your spring & summer wardrobe!
Go to the event page on Facebook for sneak peeks…



Elisabethan shin diggy JPG

stealth shop

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The Elisabethan In-Studio Pop Up Shop is open again… We know, we know… we haven’t exactly been making a big fuss about it.  We’ve mostly let people know that we’re open thru Facebook posts and the sign we put at the end of Grand Ave, Paonia, CO.

We are officially open Wednesdays & Thursdays noon to 6pm, and plan to add Fridays with the same hours at the end of May.  We know, we know… not exactly tons of time to shop, but we want to SURE we are THERE when we say we will be—drop-ins are welcome at other times if they are friendly and understand we are a working studio and might be in the midst of SOMETHING BIG.

The Pop Up shop is still a work in progress and we’ll try to share exciting developments with you. We are planning a kind of summer kick off Shin-Diggy May 27-29, so there’s that…

11058729_10152893961325983_5507029728728361301_n 11110572_10152851881505983_8154297924010167405_n

The Mom of the Year

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We LOVE getting coverage from bloggers—-especially when they GUSH about us as much as Meredith Spidel at THE MOM OF THE YEAR does —

Take a look HERE — she’s really funny too! 

Thank you, Meredith!

(AND, we gave her a Ruffle Pippi Scarf to giveaway… details in her post)


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Need a little palette change from snowy WHITE (or around ‘bethan HQ, muddy BROWN)? Feast your eyes on these “coastal bright” Swish Skirts headed for A SHORE THING on Hilton Head Island, SC… don’t know why, but you need to click on the photo to REALLY see the colors…!

Charm City

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Well, we took a little break from the electronic/social media world over the holidays… we figured you had enough emails, tweets, posts & pins bombarding you with last minute shopping deals (and after Christmas sales) without us weighing in.  So HAPPY NEW YEAR (and how did it get to be almost MID January?!)

We are excited to announce that we have been offered a booth at the American Craft Council Baltimore Show in February, and we ACCEPTED! We’re in Booth #5301.  Click here for details.  We’ll have some free passes to share with you, so stay tuned…

Bid now!

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There are TWO $50 ELISABETHAN gift certificates up for auction in the KVNF Holiday Auction…

Go to www.kvnf.org to get a bidder number… the auction runs all week, but the bidding for OUR gift certificates will end Tuesday, December 9, so you need to get on it now!


Small Biz Saturday

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Just in case you are in OUR neighborhood—-we are putting all of RESALE stock ON SALE for Small Business Saturday. We need to make room for our Holiday Open House & Marketplace…

SO, all RESALE (no, not anything with an Elisabethan label in it) will be $5 per garment, or $3 each when you buy 3 or more pieces… We’re open noon to 6pm on Saturday. Come and get it!