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April 2020

85 Green Tips & Tricks – Happy Earth Day

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Happy 50th Earth Day Everyone!

As avid recyclers we are constantly looking for new ways to reduce our carbon footprint.  Over the years, we’ve come up with quite a few tips and tricks we believe help save this beautiful ball we call Earth.  We figured Earth Day was a perfect time to share our discoveries.  Some of these are obvious, some not so much.

We don’t expect you to pick up all of these habits.  But if you pick up a few green habits like these here and there you increase your positive impact!

Please let us know what YOU do to reduce your footprint on a daily basis.

  1. #2 Buy Eco-Conscious Clothing

    Learn Your Local Recycling Regulations – Make sure you know what you can and cannot recycle per your town/city regulations.

  2. Buy Eco-Conscious Clothing – There is a small but passionate group of us out there making clothing that not only is not bad for the environment – we’re helping it!  Show your support if you can.
  3. Make Your Own Veggie/Chicken Stock — Save up your veggies scraps or chicken bones in the freezer.  Once you have enough, simply boil them in water for a few hours, drain and voila – you’ve got stock!  Not only will you reduce packaging, but you’ll save some cash in the process.
  4. Switch to Cloth Napkins – Do this and instantly became a little classier.  Plus, with washable napkins you’ll never run out again.
  5. Borrow/Rent Fancy Clothing – No need to spend tons on a dress you’ll only wear once!  Borrow a dress from a friend or rent one for that fabulous night out.
  6. Dryer Balls – Use dryer balls to dry your clothes faster – get fancy add a lovely scent.  We love adding lavender.
  7. Ditch the Trash Bag for Recyclables – Honestly, you’re helping the recycling plant while doing this one as well.
  8. Buy Local – Think of all the fossil fuels that are used to bring a banana to your home.  Shopping local helps your reduce fossil fuel usage all while supporting your local community commerce.
  9. Hang Dry Your Clothes – A dryer is great and all but so is the Sun!

    #9 Hang Dry Clothing

  10. Think About What You Print – Do you really need that printout of directions or can you just use your phone?  The trees will thank you.
  11. Get Rid of the Ziplock Bags – TUPPERWARE IS AMAZING!  You can put anything in it!  Next time you reach for that little baggie, try Tupperware.  Once you’re in the habit you never go back (plus it saves you $$)
  12. Save the Cooking Water for Your Plants – Plants love water of all kinds!  They don’t care if you boiled some pasta in there, just make sure the water cools down before watering your houseplants.
  13. Use a Travel Mug – This helps in so many ways!  Your local coffee shop saves a money little on cups, you reduce your waste AND you’ll always know which coffee is yours.
  14.  Donate Old Appliances – You may be done with your blender, but it may be someone’s next kitchen treasure!  Find ethical donation centers near you and donate when you can.
  15. Go to the Carwash – This one may surprise you, but carwashes actually use LESS water than washing your ride at home.
  16. Go Paperless – Make your bills paperless and think of all the trees you’re saving.  You’re a hero!
  17. Don’t Use the Plastic Bags for Veggies/Fruits – Your Grandma did not put every vegetable in a separate bag and she survived.  Trust us, loose veggies & fruits are just as good as bagged ones
  18. Get a Bamboo Toothbrush – Everyone replaces their toothbrush multiple times a year.  Bamboo toothbrushes are biodegradable.  Make the switch and make a difference.
  19. #19 Bike to Work

    Bike to work — Not only are you saving gas, you’re getting your workout in!

  20. Recycle your Plastic Bags – Most grocery stores have a small bin at the entrance for you to recycle your bags.
  21. Donate Your Clothing – Don’t throw those clothes away.  There are many options of how to donate your old duds – find what works for you.
  22. Place Online Orders All at Once – Need a couple of things from your favorite online retailer?  Make a list and place the order all at once, this saves of shipping waste!
  23. Fix Your Leaky Faucet – Those little droplets add up.  A quick home improvement job will save gallons of water over the years.
  24. Plant and Herb & Veggie Garden – Growing your own food reduces packaging waste as well as fossil fuel usage – there’s no need to truck these veggies!
  25. Be Aware of Your Impact – simply being aware the impact you’re having on this earth helps you make the right eco-friendly decisions on a daily basis.  It makes a different.
  26. Reuse Packaging to Create Arts & Crafts with the Kiddos – Egg containers make great caterpillars – Boxes make great forts – Get creative.
  27. Print Double-Sided – This one change cuts your paper usage in half!
  28. Consider Refurbished Electronics – Help reduce global E-waste!  Refurbished products keep computers out of landfill – plus you can save some money. (This blog post is brought to you by a refurbished MacBook Pro & refurbished Acer Monitor 🙃)
  29. Go Microbead-less – Avoid face and body washes with microbeads.  These tiny plastic particles get into our ocean creatures’ bellies.
  30. Propagate Plants – Take a prop from a friend rather than buying a new one at the store.  Save money and packaging.

    #30 Prop for Friends

  31. DIY Green Cleaner – Make your own cleaning products with common household items.  You’ll save on packaging and money. Bonus: you’ll spread fewer chemicals in your home.
  32. Love the Tap – Tap water (in most places) is your best friend!  No need for those cumbersome plastic bottles.
  33. Eat Whole Fruit – It’s fresher and reduces packaging.
  34. Water Your Lawn Less – Try increasing the number of days between waterings.  If you’re remodeling your backyard, consider using native and drought resistant plants.
  35. Online Subscriptions – Switch that magazine or newspaper subscription to an online order.  Save those trees!
  36. You’ve Got a Dishwasher – Use It! – Dishwasher actually SAVE WATER compared to hand washing.  If you run only when full you’ll be sure to save water.
  37. Fix It! – If a gadget breaks, either get it fixed by a profession or try fixing it yourself before ordering a replacement.  You’ll be shocked what you can fix with YouTube!
  38. Reusable Water Bottles – Invest in a few – you may even find yourself drinking more water.
  39. Ditch the Doggie Bag – Bring your own tupperware for leftovers at restaurants.  You’ll be a trendsetter.
  40. LED Bulbs – Switch out your incandescent bulbs for more energy efficient LED lightbulbs.
  41. Run! – Why drive to the gym? Save the fuel and either bike or run to the gym or maybe even try a home workout.
  42. Put a Patch on It – Did your favorite article of clothing get a stain or hole.  Don’t fear, patches are here!  Give your clothes a new do with a beautiful patch.

    #42 Put A Patch On It!

  43. Scrap Paper – We all have those random notes, unimportant lists – scrap paper is perfect for these.
  44. Be One with the Toaster Oven – These bad boys use very little energy.  They’re a great option for reheating or even baking smaller meals.
  45. Insulate Your Home Properly – This one will save you money and aggravation for years to come. Keep that heat in.
  46. Remove the Junk in the Trunk – Don’t waste gas by lugging around a trunk o’ junk!
  47. Get an E-reader – These devices save on trees and clutter.
  48. Consider Solar – The sun is powerful – let’s utilize it.
  49. Don’t Copy, Scan – No need to fill your house with photocopies these days.  Scan those items to a hard drive and safe even more trees.
  50. Buy Used & Remade Items – One man’s trash is another man’s treasure.
  51. Get a Real Christmas Tree – Fake trees are made of all sorts of bad plastics and they’re almost all shipped from overseas.  Cutting your own tree IS eco-friendly.
  52. Build a Rain Collection Barrel – Rain barrels are great for watering plants, washing carts etc.
  53. Get Creative with Wrapping Paper – Newspapers, magazines, decorate a paper bag.  There are all sorts of ways to avoid wasteful wrapping paper.
  54. Wash Your Clothes in Cold Water – This still gets your clothes clean while saving energy.
  55. Invest in a Popcorn Popper – Get rid of all that packaging and go old school with a popcorn popper.
  56. Carpool – This one is an oldie but goodie.
  57. Freeze / Dehydrate Older Fruits & Veggies – No need to toss those over ripe apples.  Make a tasty snack for later by either freezing or dehydrating them.
  58. Donate Unwanted Pet Supplies to Local Animal Shelters – Help those puppies, kitties, bunnies all the animals!

    #58 Donate Pet Supplies to Animal Shelters

  59. Combine Errands – Reduce your errand runs to once per week and reduce your fuel usage.
  60. Turn Off the Lights – When you leave an empty room PLEASE turn off the lights.
  61. Check the Cap – Many caps on food and other containers are recyclable these days.  Make sure you’re looking for that triangle.
  62. Cook from Scratch – You’ll save on packaging plus it’ll taste better!
  63. Compost – Many cities offer composting – find out if yours does.  If not, it’s easy to build a little composting station in your backyard too.
  64. Get Lunch Tupperware – No need for plastic baggies if you have a simple lunch container.
  65. Consider a Local Vacation – There are amazing places all over the world – try finding a fun “no-fly” vacation near you and cutback on fuel usage.
  66.  Plan Your Meals – Meal planning reduces trips to the grocery store – you’ll reduce your fuel, packaging and money.
  67. Donate Bubble Wrap – Find a local business who can reuse your bubble wrap and other packing materials.
  68. Get a High Efficiency Washer & Dryer – Save on energy and water.
  69. Know What Your City Offers – Many cities offer special seasonal recycling – check to see if your city has leaf, Christmas tree or pumpkin disposal sites.
  70. Borrow Don’t Buy – Are you only going to use that crowbar once?  Ask a friend or neighbor if you could borrow their rather than running to the store.  Less stuff is better – trust us.
  71. Craft with Scraps – Don’t under-estimate your scraps – you can make fun things big and small with them.

    #71 Craft with Scraps

  72. Reduce Your Shower Time – This trick saves water while giving you healthier skin.
  73. Don’t Be Afraid of the Ugly Fruits & Veggies – They taste just the same, help keep food out of landfills.
  74. Avoid Fast Fashion – Do a little research into the companies you’re wearing.  Are they helping or hurting the environment?  Fast Fashion companies contribute to the 3rd most pollutive industry in the world.
  75. Shop at Container Free Stores – If you’re lucky enough to have a container free store near you try and support them when possible.
  76. Refuse the Straw – If you must have a straw, invest in a steel straw and bring your own.  We don’t need any more plastic straws in the oceans.
  77. Reuse your Ziplock & Plastic Bags – Rolls, breads, bagels – they usually come in a plastic bag.  Don’t be afraid to reuse that bag to store other food items.  Ziplock bags can also be reused 🙂
  78. Turn of the Sink – When brushing your teeth or washing your face.  Save it for when we really need it.
  79. Know Your Numbers – Different places accept different numbers when it comes to recycling.  Make sure you know everything that can be accepted.
  80. Cook with Residual Heat – Turning off your oven a little early won’t affect your meal but it will lower your energy bill.
  81. Buy Less – It is as simple as it sounds.  The less we buy, the less stuff there will be in this world.  That means less waste down the line.  Try buying less – it’s not too hard.
  82. Avoid Single Serving Foods – Single serve products create much more waste and are typically more expensive.
  83. Get Rechargeable Batteries – Dead batteries are so bad for the environment, invest in reusable ones and stop throwing away dead batteries for good.
  84. Cut Back on Meat – If you eat just a little less meat per week, you’re helping the environment.
  85. Wash Clothes Less – You can re-wear that top, trust us.  Not only will this reduce your laundry, but your clothes will last longer.

DIY Pompom Pattern

By Blog, DIY

The good thing about staying home these days is there’s lots of free time for our favorite activity, crafting!  We are always looking for new ways to utilize scraps here at Elisabethan, and our DIY pompom is a perfect way to use those smaller scraps.  These pompoms are easy and fun for both kids and adults.  So go ahead and make pompoms galore and brighten up your day!

What will your pompoms look like?!  Please take a photo and share with us on facebook 🙂

What You’ll Need:

Cardboard/Paper (Cereal boxes work great!)

Make a pattern piece (Examples below) and cut out pattern.

Trace pattern onto fabric.

  • If using T-shirt material you will need 18-20 cutouts.
  • If using sweater or thicker material you will need 10-12 cutouts.

Cut out your cutouts – They do not need to be perfect.

Cut one 1″ wide by 12″ long strip per ornament – stretch it (pull ends) – save for later.

Fold cutout in half and cut two 1/4″ slits approximately 1/2″ apart at center.  Repeat this step for each cutout.

Fold piece in half to line the slits up with each other.  Feed the cutouts onto your strip one at a time.

Tightly center all of the cutout in the middle.

Tie the bundle together tightly over folds.  Tie once more to secure.

Viola! Pompom Ornament!

Tie a loop knot at the end of the strip.

Now it’s time to hang your new Pompom!  Where is your’s going?