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December 2016

Betsy & Susie’s ‘Bethan Stories

By Blog

Betsy and Susie are two of our favorite Paonia locals.  They are both strong, bright women with an impeccable sense of fashion.

Here are their ‘Bethan Stories which we thought you’d enjoy.

Betsy M.

Betsy M. 'Bethan Story

“I was in the ladies room at Grand Junction’s airport wearing an Elisabethan skirt with the kick pleats on each side — blue, a louder blue, a plaid — and a woman of a certain age told me, ‘I love your skirt; it would look so great on my daughter!’ So I had to tell her that ‘You know, it might look good on you, too…'”

Susie C.

“Soon after we bought our house in Paonia in 2006, our son and his fiancée (now wife) came to visit after attending Telluride Bluegrass [Festival]. They brought me this tee for my birthday and he said “Mom, the woman who made this used to live in your house!”

Since then, I’ve been lucky enough to acquire many more tees, six skirts, three scarves, one pair of gloves and a hat.  I’m wearing my newest, a Shopkitty upcycled sweater. I’ve also given quite a few Elisabethans to the grandkids. But most importantly, Beth has become a dear friend.”

Thanks for sharing your ‘Bethan Stories ladies, we love hearing them!

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