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August 2011

Before & after…

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I had good intentions to do pithy blog entries from the Atlanta & New York Gift shows in July & August, but it was all I could do just to get to the Elisabethan booth on time everyday… besides, none of the shows gives you FREE wifi access, so that made onsite updates a non-option for THIS thrifty exhibitor… Here are a few pics taken during set up…
pic 1–The entire 10’x10’booth (and most of the samples) fits into 2 sturdy shipping crates (even THESE are recycled from another company’s trade show set up)
pic 2–My favorite display within the display—cashmere/wool fingerless gloves arrayed around a vintage toy truck touting “Handmade in USA”
pic 3–A ruffle pippi scarf shown to good advantage on one of the “Ta-Ta Girls” (industry term for those black plastic body forms)