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November 2010

another take on Black Friday

By Shops 2 Comments

…as presented by Amy Satterfield, owner of Wadoo Furniture Co in Ft Collins, CO… yes, site of a recent Elisabethan trunk show!

Dear Preferred Customers—–

OK, I give. I cry Uncle. Wadoo is a retail store, and I should act more retail-y. I’ve avoided the Black Friday Sale Sensationalism for four years — just because it’s so early and intense and it hurts when people trample my head. But when I found out this morning that My Sister Knits — a clearly cool independent store like my own — is having a Black Friday sale, I read the tea leaves, the writing on the wall and the cards: Anybody who can run a succesful knitting business a mile and a half off the beaten path in a neighborhood of nice homes but absolutely no retail clearly knows what she’s doing, and if she’s doing a Black Friday Sale, then so am I, because my mama didn’t raise me to be a fool.

To make it simple, everything at Wadoo is 20 percent off on Black Friday. Same goes for Colorless Saturday (that way, you can spread yourselves out and avoid a stampede.)

So squeeze Wadoo into your Black Friday schedule: After your midnight shopping at Wal Mart, after your 3 a.m. online shopping at Amazon, and sure, after your 10 a.m. shopping at My Sister Knits. I’m willing to get in line behind those guys because I won’t open until 11, as usual, and because I’m voluntarily NOT opening until it’s my turn, which has been set by the Committee to Avoid Shopping Injuries for 11 a.m., so people can move through the stores on their Black Friday list in an orderly fashion that promotes good digestion. Incidentally, all other retail stores in the tri-county area and especially in Centerra and the Harmony Corridor, didn’t get an opening time until 6 p.m. on Black Friday giving you plenty of time to complete your Wadoo shopping before you even think about them. It’s very nice of all those stores to abide by their rather inconvenient opening times for the safety of our citizenry, and I don’t know how I got such a big slot — 11 to 6 — but I did, and that’s that. I never second guess a Committee.

20 percent off. Everything in the store. Black Friday and Colorless Saturday.


Happy shopping!


Betty & Miss Kitty